Break the Superstition~

Time to turn the unlucky day into something fabulous via bold action.
When Friday the 13th arrives – we should do something freaky to brush the unlucky vibes away!


  • Present for your Sir/Madam in something you wouldn’t normally offer.
  • Consider one of your soft limits and see if Sir/ Madam is willing to hit the edge of it.
  • Have an exhibitionist moment.
  • Pull out that latex piece in your closet and wear it with confidence.
  • Share your kinky side with someone who doesn’t know about it.

If you have any suggestions, please share.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Maybe 13 isn’t unlucky… a Presentation Outfit

Friday the 13th….in the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread that date to the extent that it can officially be classified as a phobia.

Friday and the number 13 separately have been considered unlucky and around the 19th century were the first documented instances where the two were put together to create the “most unlucky” day.

But dievca plans to see the day in a different light.

The Ancient Egyptians believed life was a spiritual journey that unfolded in stages. They believed that 12 of those stages occurred in this life.  The last stage, the 13th, was a joyous transformative ascension to an eternal afterlife. So the number 13 represented death to the Egyptians, but not death as in decay and fear, but as acknowledgement of a glorious eternal life.

dievca will be glorious in presenting for Master, today, after a long hiatus!  she’s planning on an Egyptian theme:


As an Egyptian Goddess, dievca plans to kneel before Master and offer her services to help him find the Joyous Afterlife. 

While researching presentation outfits, dievca did find something for the future…


Maybe a little decay did happen during Egyptian Stage 13…

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