Baby, its gonna be cold!

1950 Jacques Griffe

And, yes, dievca is going to pull out one of her 15 fur coats/jackets/vests….

Fifteen? you ask.

Yes, 15.

Just four here in NYC.

dievca’s Mom was best friends with a furrier. We received coats when people upgraded or needed another size. Coats can be cut down, but making them larger calls for a new coat. We received more when they retired and decided not to sell the business.

Fur, if it is taken care of well – stands the test of time. It is pretty much the warmest solution in cold weather.

If you decided to pass judgement on dievca — ask yourself if you eat meat, drive a car, wear leather, wear down, understand how much of a carbon footprint is made from creating faux leather and plastic products, etc. dievca knows where her fur came from, who sourced it, who made the coats and how long she has had them.
And they will, someday, decompose safely.

dievca is going to guess that you have a problem with hunting deer, too.
Have you ever seen Bambi starve in the winter? It’s not pretty.
All the hunters she knows are very conscious about using ALL the parts of a deer.

Yes, dievca has fur hats, too. Vintage.
And is tired of being on the defense for wearing fur, so she has gone on the offensive.

Hunting for a Winter Coat

dievca hasn’t bought a Winter Coat for a long time.
she has all the classics covered,
so she is looking to add some color to her current options.
How about this?

Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Matches Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale CoatDiane-von-Furstenberg-Fur-Finale-CoatDiane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Close Up Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat Runway

Diane von Furstenberg Fur Coat
from the Finale of the 2014-2015 A/W Show

Matches Fashion: DVF Fur Coat $3500