Last Minute Gala


Vivienne Westwood Plum Cowl Neck Dress


Under protest, dievca got roped into a fundraising Gala.  The weather was lovely, the crowd was muttering about how to remember to put make-up on and dievca was just trying to slide on by….

dievca cannot figure out if she is a curmudgeon or has gone back to her loner Generation X roots or what~ she needs to get it together and just have fun at these events rather than whining.

Yeah, ok, next week she will try again. And another week in June.

Is there anything you are pushing through?

Speaking of Spring with Cynthia Rowley

dievca has an upcoming Fundraising Event on a boat. She’s looking into wearing this Cynthia Rowley dress with a jeans jacket and her Dries van Noten chunky green platform sandals Her hair is cut in a bob and will blow everywhere, but the  red lipstick and green drop earring will keep it together. 
Cynthia Rowley Isla Dress Red Preint $525
The Ultimate Pretty Meets Sporty! Sleek and sporty lycra with silk twill skirt.

  • Scoop neckline
  • Scoop back
  • Side pockets
  • Fabric content:
    • Top: 67% nylon, 33% spandex
    • Bottom: 100% silk
  • Care instructions: dry clean recommended

Fit: model is 5’8″ and wears a size S.

Size Small measurements:

  • Length from shoulder: 52″

MSRP $545

In Living Color with Rose Assoulin and Miu Miu


Rosie Assoulin Rainbow Embroidered Gown ($6995) with Miu Miu Leather platform Sandals ($1120) would put some Spark into January and a crimp on your wallet!

Miu Miu--MetallicLeatherSandals-569179042

And so it goes~ Gala Night

The Moon was rising over Manhattan when dievca set out to the show and the Gala:


she opted to wear:

dievca doesn’t know if the COVID epidemic caused her to go back to her Generation X roots of being a “loner”, perimenopause is causing her to get tired/irritated or starting work at 6 am put her over the edge by 10:00 pm – after 3 hours she wanted out. So, she left after the meal, before the awards, to hike up her skirt and bike her a** home. 


Photo: dievca – Moonrise Chelsea NYC 10/2022, dievca’s bike, foot, dress, coat and bag…10/2022

Last minute invite – a Gala

At, 3:42 pm yesterday, dievca received an invitation to a show, cocktail party and dinner as a fundraiser tonight.  she has 1 hour to get dressed at work, then to the theatre.  The good news is dievca’s hair is a blunt cut bob which won’t take much fiddling, she can get her face washed and made up in five minutes.  It’s what to wear that is the challenge.

The 2nd piece of good news is that the fundraiser does not require “heavy duty” glamour…but the weather has been unpredictable…

(all items in this post are labelled – click on the photo for a good look and the Brand)

Here are dievca’s 1st thought “easy” options:

Adding Shoes:

At this point in her Life, dievca will need two not very glamourous items:

No time for a Mani/Pedi, but no one goes wrong with a good Lipstick:

Who knows which way the jewelry will go:

Clutch options are easy:

But the coat or wrap depends upon the weather:

Wish dievca luck!

less than 24 hours in the Life of a dievca

Baby Shower (above – click on photos for Brands)
To a Swim
To Master
To an MRI for the knee
To a Gala (below – click on photos for Brands, note the emergency flip flops for the knee)
To Work

dievca hit the gamut of actives

Well, that was a bust – Holiday Gala canceled

As Omicron moves into NYC – venues and events are being closed/canceled. dievca’s Holiday Gala was an early casualty.  Too bad it was canceled after she had bought the dress…

Here was the plan:

Dries van Noten Red Maxi Dress YooxDries van Noten Red Maxi Dress Yoox backjohn-galliano navy green gold heelsPerrin Blue Leather Le Rond Bag CuffBen-Amun Gold-tone cabochon earringsemerald-ring 14K gold ring18K Gold The Dainty Sapphire Chain Ring _ Dainty Dagger _ Wolf & Badger
Dries van Noten Red Drape Dress
John Galliano Heels
Perrin Le Rond Bag Blue
Ben-Amun Cabochon Earrings
Vintage Emerald Ring
Dainty Dagger Sapphire Ring

OK, Plan B – wear the dress to Master’s and have a smaller personal Gala!

Elegance with Alexander McQueen

Is anyone else seeking elegance?

The year plus of sweatsuits has taken a toll for dievca, it took her awhile to gather an outfit for that event.

she used to be able to grab something and get ready in 30+ minutes. Maybe this McQueen dress could inspire a ‘quick change’? Too bad there isn’t anywhere to wear it at this point. Day dresses, maybe – formal dresses, not yet.

It is still a beautiful dress.

Could Chuck Taylors and a jeans jacket dress it down?

(Click photo to purchase)

Shopping the closet worked…

dievca didn’t look pregnant and received multiple compliments on the dress. Note – its been long enough since Melania Trump wore the Big Pink Dress (2017) and its still in style. Plus, it was the perfect choice for an outdoor event.

Wipe the sweat off that brow – whew!

In a Panic…

dievca has an outdoor event to attend. The 1st of its kind in a year +.

Even after the never-ending process of reducing her closet – she has a number of items available to wear – IF THEY FIT WELL.  Health and movement-wise, dievca is in pretty good shape.  Deep sleep (physical recovery sleep) and perimenopause-wise, her body shape has shifted – a belly has appeared.  Her closet hasn’t shifted to keep up with it because she wants to see what happens with menopause and HRT.

God, what to wear without looking pregnant.

Before she goes digging deep – here is what she thinks will fit easily:


Eliza Faulkner Cotton Sissy Dress

Loup Charmant Hydrus_Dress_Cadmium_Red

Loup Charmant Hydrus Dress Cadmium Red

Faithful the Brand Sonja Dress

Faithfull the Brand Sonja Dress

Then there is the question of a matching mask~

Cross-fingers. dievca will let you know what she finally decides to wear.

Wrong, wrong, wrong – but wouldn’t it be fun?

Right about now, dievca should be attending the final fundraiser of the year.
Not happening for obvious reasons…

Its dievca’s habit to keep a lookout for outfits that fit the Gala bill.
she ran into this Riasa & Vanessa outfit that made her look twice and smile.

Then shake her head for the many ways it is just wrong for her build:

  • Crop top at this age for formal wear?
  • Pants that sweeping and long on a short body? (hard to hem)
  • Short torso and curves trying to drape those sequins?


Well, this is what she had planned:

Her Black Halo Lucy Dress in Jellybean with these:


  • Stuart Weitzman Axis Sandals Black
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Subversive +Target ribbon bracelet
  • Garay vintage black fabric clutch
  • French Luxe hair combs in black
  • Bobbi Brown Art Stick Harlow red

First Gala of the Season 2018

Dries van Noten Ribbon Fringe Dress SS 2015

The dress – Dries von Noten SS 2015, soooo dievca might look a little bit muppet-ish, the swish is too fun to miss out on….

Here’s how Dries styled it:

Dries van Noten Runway SS 2015

OK, no patterned cardigan available in dievca’s closet, but a Club Monaco Soft Trench might do the trick:

Club Monaco Elila Soft Trench

And it works!

Shoes? Initially, dievca was thinking boots. Tall, black patent leather boots, but Dries styled it with an ankle strap sandal for Spring/Summer. What else does dievca have?

Maison Martin Margiela Replica 1970’s Tango shoes Argentina in blue patent leather

dievca is going to keep the jewelry simple because the dress has so much going on:

Hair and make-up? Well, dievca’s hair grew out and had gotten long and shaggy as thin hair is wont to do~ Listening to her Master, she kept it long and got a “Lob” (long bob) with the idea that with her hair blown out she would have similar hair to:

Catherine Deneuve, Paris Match 1997, Photo: Ellen von Unwerth

It worked. The color isn’t the same, dievca has red, gold and grey highlights from the Summer (random grey as she cannot decided whether to color her hair or not…Master has no opinion on it.) But, the body and the sweep occurs when dievca straightens her curls. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain….

Smoky eyes, red lips, facial contouring which dievca learned this summer from the photo-shoot!


If you cannot be traditionally beautiful, you might as well have fun with Fashion!
and dievca suspects that Master will have fun tossing up her skirt! 😉

Turquoise thread, anyone? (a dievca Disaster)

So, dievca ended up picking the Oscar de la Renta dress and was planning to wear Proenza Schouler heels with a gray clutch.

Oscar de la Renta Turquoise Dress

When doing a last try-on with the proper Spanx underpinnings, dievca managed to put her thumb through a seam and she doesn’t have turquoise thread to fix it. Plus, the heels – any heels, were killing her knee.

So, back to the drawing board with flats in mind.

Alice + Olivia Dora Magenta Dress

Ivy Kirzhner Gardenia Sandals

Derek Lam 10 Crosby Gold Parka

Kenneth Jay Lane Collar

18K Gold Plated Cuff

14K gold studs

Tom Ford Sunglasses

And this is why dievca always surprises Master with her outfits…she is a Disaster.

What to wear…killed the moment

So dievca bought a dress, in the Fall, from a Canadian designer, Eliza Faulkner – she had seen someone in the dress during NYC fashion week and loved it.
It’s cotton and great for warmer weather.
And then Melania Trump made a speech on Bullying – wearing a $3000 hot pink dress. Killed dievca’s desire to wear the dress…but she needs a dress for a Gala this evening and she is digging through the closet.

Weather: 63 F to 82 F, partly cloudy, will be on a boat – breezy. Evening.

Here are some of the choices (click on an item for greater detail):


The two darker green dresses are of heavier material, the pink and the light blue are 100% cotton, the red is silk, the light green is a cotton/poly blend, the Missoni is a mix of wool, silk, poly – etc. All are lined. I have shoes for them all and coats/jackets. Hair up or it will blow everywhere~

If you can give dievca some input, she would greatly appreciate it. dievca is uncharacteristically at a loss. Her brain is fried~

Emergency Closet Rip Apart…(when your closet doesn’t fail you)

Usually dievca does it better. she hasn’t been on it.  her planning for Presentation Outfits for Master has dropped while He is away and her outfit planning for events has been non-existent…

It all started with a panic attack for the last Gala of the year.  The dress dievca wanted to wear, a multicolored silk jersey Etro,  wasn’t found (and she still hasn’t found the damn dress….not happy).

After an irritated meltdown moment and two Alice + Olivia dresses being banished to the resale bag — dievca came up with an alternative of a Lanvin Silk Dress (Ete 2006) and black Charles Jourdan Heels, dressed down with brass accents:

Next panic attack — forgotten dinner for a High School Graduate. Fastest way to get there after work is on a bike, weather was “iffy”. Hot during the day and cooling off at night.

dievca’s Humanoid silk Ellen dress (2013) came to the rescue with the same brass jewelry (Hey, it was already together, in a bag, and easy to grab). J Crew Navy blue ribbed cashmere sweater for the cool restaurant, Barneys Sandals and Liebeskind Navy Leather Backpack for the ride…whew!

Two events down — two to go!
A wedding and a 60th Surprise Birthday Party.
dievca will be back with the plans for those two events.

Just incase you wanted to know what the underpinings looked like:
Black Cosabella Soire set for the Lanvin Dress
Navy Wolford Linea set with slip for the Humanoid Dress

Pièce de résistance from Crete! and the last Fundraiser of the Year.

dievca came home from traveling and had a fundraiser within 36 hours.  The weather in NYC wasn’t warm, yet, and it included dinner on a boat so dievca had to layer it up.

The Altuzarra blue fringe dress  fit the bill perfectly, because it looks cool with a navy cashmere sweater over top. The dress was shorter than dievca remembered, but as Master said when she tried it on for Him– muscular legs can carry it off even though dievca is in her 40’s+.

Here’s the pieces:

Big curly hair, simple eyes lined in Khaki Green, Blush, Berry-stained lips, no hose — dievca was still tan from Crete.

(BTW — the Proenza Schouler shoes? Fabulous to walk in – dievca couldn’t get a cab and had to run….)

Master missed all of it because he had family in town.

The pièce de résistance?

A collar which she found in Crete — Master’s first statement when He saw it was, “I would have bought you that if I had seen it.” Permission to wear it was granted.


A Cretan sculptor created it using brushed sterling and red coral.

Last Minute Gala

dievca wasn’t going to go.
It’s a last-minute addition to the schedule – as in…tonight.
Only for a cocktail, right?
A quick, strategic hit…
See and be seen~

What to wear?
What’s quick and easy?

It’s coming on Halloween, dievca always wears a dress… so, to change it up:

dievca disasters: she lost it in a cab

The culprit:

Costume National Grey Taupe Cage Sandals

Costume National Grey Taupe Cage Sandals

It was the last Gala of the year. dievca thought she was done in April, but there was one more fundraiser added to the schedule for May.  It was a chilly evening and the event was on boat~ so dievca wore her Vivienne Westwood gold label long sleeve Green Silk Dress. she couldn’t find a photo, but it is similar to this dress. Lighter weight (silk) with more movement.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Falcon Dress GreenVivienne Westwood Anglomania Falcon Dress Green back
You saw the shoes up above.


Silver Domed Bangle

Silver and Green Onyx Ring

Stackable Bent Silver Rings_3236

Silver and Green Onyx Earrings

Master's Vintage Chain

Prada Fairy Clutch

Prada Fairy Clutch Back
Curly hair put in to a loose french role, smoky purple eyes, red lips.

Back to the disaster. The shoes were quite comfortable for most of the evening, but towards the end — the straps were cutting into dievca’s big toe. dievca caught a cab home and took the shoes off in the cab. she planned to walk barefoot into her building…


The only problem was that the top ankle straps were not sewn on to the shoes. The strap just went through a loop and both ankle straps dropped off of the shoes. dievca noticed the problem when she went up to her apartment and she was able to recover one ankle strap in the lobby. But the second strap was not there.

A call to 311 started a lost/found case. The lady was very polite, but dievca felt it was a useless gesture.

Three days later, she got a call back from 311 to connect her to the cab driver!?!?!
The driver looked in his cab and….

no luck.


What do you do with a pair of shoes missing one ankle strap and they are much more comfortable with that strap?