Naughty Nerd

dievca showed up at Master’s in a chunky turtleneck sweater, glasses, knit mini-skirt, tights and boots.  Not quite Velma — but channeling her vibe, unintentionally. Master started laughing and pointed out the similarities.




That brought up the idea of Velma Dinkley of Scooby Doo fame as a Sex Object. Master mentioned that it is a thing. dievca had no idea…

It is a thing –totally CosPlay!

leopardprintunicorn on Polyvore @Sarah Thurman

Here are some fun photos of the costume in action!

That brought up the 2nd point that geek chic can be sexy
(especially when you are peeling the bombshell out of the layers of sweater).

And in her meanderings around the web, dievca ran in a site for her geeky followers:

Geeky Sex Toys out of Australia

Somewhere to fulfill your inner geek fantasies.