Prepare yourself

in_the_rain_pin_up_Gil ElvgrenFor those April Showers!

Master’s ‘helping hand’

By Gil Elvgren

Master asked for help with Spring Cleaning.
Now is the time to do it.
Anyone else deep cleaning during this ‘pause’?
How about in the nude?


‘Nothing To Sneeze At’

she thought it was allergies…it seems to be more.
dievca’s babying herself and self-medicating with her homemade
Chicken Noodle soup.
Cross fingers the cold passes in time for Master’s birthday.
Wishing you good health as cold and flu season begins.
Did you get your flu shot?

Graphic: Gil Elvgrin

Plans for the Evening~

dievca bought the last two large pumpkins at her local bodega. They are a little bit strangely shaped – but it will still be fun carving them with Master. she will have to see if she can find an apron to put over her lingerie.

Happy Valetine’s Day – sending love -XO


from your dievča

Gil Elvgren: All-American Woman, muses and paintings

In 1951, Modern Man magazine asked Gil Elvgren what he thought of American women. His answer was brilliantly rooted in his own time.

[They] are infinitely smarter today. They are more beautiful than ever before. They are more natural. They are not tying themselves in like they used to. And they are not looking like boys any more, thank God.

The Muse and the American Pin-Up Painting:

Gil Elvgren other 9 gil Elvgren-janet_2 gil elvgren-pin-ups16[3] Gil Elvgren other 7 Gil Elvgren other 6 Gil Elvgren other 5 Gil Elvgren other 4 Gil Elvgren other 3 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-07 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-08 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-10 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-11 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-09

Gil Elvgren Photo


uFunk: les pin-up classiques et les filles modeles

Express UK: Pin-up Queens – The real women behind Gil Elvgren cheesecake paintings

Merry Christmas!


Wishing you and yours well.
XO dievca

Print: Gil Elvgren