Sometimes you are clumsy when you are in a hurry.

Sometimes you are just clumsy and cannot get it together.

Knocking the water carafe off of the counter after you had just thought “watch that water carafe” comes under the second listing…. A b*tich to clean-up, too.

And then you find something beautiful to replace it and you worry about breaking. Sigh.


SGHR Sugahara

Hand Blown Japanese Bedside Carafe & Tumbler Set

The blue carafe/cup is really elegant and the good news is you can replace the cup separately from the carafe in case something happens. Perfect for Ms. Clumsy.

60 sec Shibari

Sometimes you run into random things on the internet. A glass blown Bondage Babe? OK

You can purchase something similar here: Scissorbaby Glass on Etsy