A cut above: Primecut Bags

dievca was seeking a shearling piece of clothing or bag – nothing on eBay was catching her attention. The prime designer’s had boring offerings…except for Bottega Veneta.  Their shearling bags were/are too dear ($2500). dievca stepped away from the search.

Then she ran into PRIMECUT BAGS by accident – on Black Friday!

This well-made backpack is now hers (from Urban Outfitters on sale):

Primecut Bags blocks-patchwork+copy

The back is black leather and the interior is lined in linen.

Here are some other options:

Primecut bags are handcrafted in our Portland, Oregon workshop. Each bag is carefully constructed, taking into account the unique properties of the materials used.

Founded in 2013, deep in the confines of her basement, Lizzie began experimenting with leather bags. She was intrigued by the diversity and unique properties of hair-on-hide. Using her mother’s old Pfaff sewing machine along with an old Yamata industrial machine, she experimented with different leathers, sizes, proportions, and manufacturing techniques.

In 2017, Lizzie moved from her basement to Primecut’s current Studio. Since 2013, she has upgraded her manufacturing to include new machines, employees, and a light-filled production studio.

Our process begins with carefully sourcing cowhides and shearling from tanneries throughout the world. Each material is selected based on its quality, weight, and durability. Speaking to the nature of the material we love curating our designs with both a sense of aesthetic proportion and a bit of playfulness.

Our bags reflect our playful design aesthetic. Slight variations in pattern, color, and texture represent the uniqueness in each Primecut piece.


Bootie Bags with Moschino

Moscino Pink Satin Bootie Bag side
Dimensions: Width: 16.5cm, Height: 23.5cm, Depth: 7.5cm, Strap: 28.5cm
Materials: 67% Viscose, 33% Silk
Price: $601 on sale at Cettire
Made in ItalyMoscino Pink Satin Bootie Bag back
Or you can take a gander at the Vintage Pink Leather Version (eBay $1500) or Black Calfskin Version (Moschino $835).

Hey Sexy Hayseed!

Bar-Refaeli Image Agent Provocateur-Sebastian Faena

A much more comfortable “tumbling in the hay” option is carrying a straw bag:

Made in the USA: K.slademade


Kelsea, owner and originator of K.slademade, has an ongoing love for all things American; which is a big part of why back in 2010 she jumped at the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, designing and selling handbags. While her taste has refined over the years, she continues to derive much inspiration from classical American heritage using only the finest and most durable leather, zippers, and hardware to create a classically straightforward, sophisticated yet simple line of handbags.

Kslademade-Marquette-Shopper_1024x1024 KslademadeFallWinter-115-_Kelsea-Slade_s-conflicted-copy-2014-10-01_1024x1024 Brooklyn Foldover Forest Kslademade-Randolph-Crossbody-in-Cognac-2_31767428-7b1d-411d-a025-a7ef6dd8e5ef_1024x1024 Kelsea won the American Express Open Rising Stars of Fashion Award in August of 2014 at WWD Magic Market Week in Las Vegas.  The competition was a live three-day event, Kelsea designed, sketched, created a pattern and sewed a handbag during the competition.  She competed alongside two other handbag designers that were selected out of a group of 100 designers.

K.slademade is proud to design in their own studio and manufacture right here in the good ole’
US of A.