Well, THAT’S a lovely start to a Monday : Cortado

Photo: dievca NYC cortado remains 02/2019

A Cortado is made by combining an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk, usually using one shot of espresso and the equal amount of milk.

Cortado comes from the Spanish word cortar, which means “to cut.” The steamed milk is said to “cut” the espresso to reduce the acidity and intensity of the drink. The Spanish origin is important to the make-up of this drink. Unlike many other popular espresso drinks, the cortado has little to no foam. A smooth go~

GOOD MORNING! and may yours be waiting for you. XO

No Matter How You Say It ~ Love is Love

You may hold my hand for a while,
but you hold my heart forever.

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Sharing the **V* with you! (Shel Silverstein)

National Orgasm Day – July 31st

The celebration day started in 2015
and commences, again, on July 31st!

dievca is “in”!

Orgasm photo series – Marcos Alberti – Smile Makers

The O Project is a series of photographs taken by Marcos Alberti, a renowned Brazilian photographer who was behind the 3 Glasses project in 2016. This time, Marcos has worked with Smile Makers to create something daring, unique and meaningful: a series of photos of women before, during and after they climax through self-pleasure. Far from the fake and standardized depiction that porn gives of it, the series showcases the female orgasm as it is: DIVERSE, BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERING!

Just to keep in mind:

Oh, Yes!

(click here for Marcos Alberti’s other photo project)

Taking coffee and a treat.


…wash away your troubles with some bubbles…

You can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath.
Throw everything you have into the tub:
bubble gels,
bubble oils,
bubble powders,
bubble gum.

~Henry Beard

Photo: dievca London 04/2017

1908 and 2016 — dievca’s Team Won!


Chicago Cubs 1908 with Mascot

Thank you for all your support!
dievca’s team won in a nail biter — a crazy exciting series.
The short video below will give you are recap of the last game.


Chicago Cubs 2016 with Mascots

VIDEO: 11/2/16: Cubs win World Series with 10th-inning rally
And dievca’s Lucky T-shirt – that she kept washing and wearing….
Don’t ask, her Cubs gear wasn’t working.


Sub_Urban Riot Coffee T-shirt (click photo to purchase)

A bear outfit might be in the mix for a presentation outfit.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!