Master and His dievca agree


Autumn in New York is key!

We hope you are enjoying your Fall, too. XO

Kids love rain! At the moment, dievca does not…


Remember when we all loved to play in the rain?
dievca just looks like a drowned rat.
(her back wheel popped, she’s covered in the rain poncho w/a backpack, etc.)

There’s name for it = Realistic Optimist

Glass water

Master and His dievca were sharing sushi on the rooftop when dievca mention that she figured out where she fits with her personal outlook (philosophy). she always thought she was just a “realist”, but realized she isn’t very cynical. Then she ran into this tidbit:

This Personality Type Is Linked to Success and Happiness
By Tia Ghose published August 23, 2013

Are you a “glass-half-full” or a “glass-half-empty” kind of person?

As it turns out, some people can be both. So-called realistic optimists combine the positive outlook of optimists with the clear-eyed perspective of pessimists, new research has found.

These realistic optimists may get the best of both worlds, using their realism to perform better at work and elsewhere, but aren’t getting bogged down by unhappiness, said Sophia Chou, an organizational psychology researcher at National Taiwan University, who presented her findings at a meeting of the American Psychological Association in Honolulu, Hawaii. [7 Things That Will Make You Happy]

Past research has shown that optimists value thoughts that make them feel good about themselves, whereas pessimists prize a more truthful vision of themselves. But a clear-eyed view can be bad for pessimists’ well-being, as they tend to be more prone to depression, Chou said.

Optimists tend to live longer and be healthier overall.

After several years working in business, Chou noticed there were some people who were both optimistic and realistic, and that they tended to be very successful. She wondered whether realism and optimism were really diametrically opposed.

So Chou administered a battery of personality surveys to about 200 college and graduate students in Taiwan. The surveys tested how many “positive illusions” the students held, as well as whether they were more motivated by self-enhancement or reality.

Realistic views

The optimists were sorted into two camps: the realists and the idealists.

“Realistic optimists tend to choose accuracy over self-enhancement; the unrealistic optimists tend to choose self-enhancement,” Chou said.

Interestingly, the realistic optimists also got better grades, on average, than their less grounded peers — probably because they didn’t delude themselves into thinking they would do well without studying or working hard, Chou said.

Traditionally, a more realistic outlook is paired with poorer well-being and greater depression, yet the realistic optimists managed to be happy. To understand why, she dug deeper into the personality assessments.

Self-control key

She found that realistic optimists believed they had more self-control and control over their interpersonal relationships.

“Every time they face an issue or a challenge or a problem, they won’t say ‘I have no choice and this is the only thing I can do.’ They will be creative, they will have a plan A, plan B and plan C,” Chou said.

That allows them to stay cheery and upbeat about the future, even if they recognize the challenges of the present.

Being a realistic optimist does have one downside, however: They are more prone to anxiety than their completely unrealistic peers. That’s likely because they recognize the possibility of failure, whereas their counterparts use positive illusions to ease their anxiety, Chou said.

The findings suggest that realistic and unrealistic optimists may actually be very different personality types, Chou said.

In order to cultivate a rosy-but-realistic outlook, people should maintain a clear-eyed view of reality, but emphasize what they can control in most situations, she said.

dievca’s Master has a different take on Himself:
“Idealistic Realism”
An idealistic realist is a realist who understands the realms of possibility but also sees his idealism as a potential reality. You work towards an Ideal knowing the Realities.

By the way – the question of the glass-half-full/empty always baffled dievca – perhaps it is her “realist” tendencies or her Science background – this is her answer:

Glass tech

“Friends bring happiness into your life…

coffee Tom Boyle Getty ImagesBest friends bring coffee.” — Unknown

Photo: Tom Boyle – Getty Images

May You (we) be so Lucky

Great sex helps one get by in an amazing manner.
dievca’s hoping everyone is getting Lucky ~ XO

L.E.J, short for Lucie, Élisa and Juliette, sometimes Elijay, is a French band composed of three women from Saint-Denis, a city in Paris’ suburbs. They became famous by condensing numerous top songs from the summer of 2015 into a mashup performance.

Oh, happy Day! Click the photo to find free coffee.

A Happy Cup of Joe

PlayfulCeramics cup a boob $55 Etsy
on Etsy offers a happy cup of Joe.

May your Cup runneth over!
PlayfulCeramics Rainbow Mug $80

Cup a Boob – $55 per cup

Rainbow Mug – $80 – large mug beautifully made.

Each vessel is a beacon of healing on its own. All foods and drinks enjoyed from these pieces will be even more healing and even more delicious for you and everyone on this day and everyday. Spirit animals embody the strengths of their character and emit that energy, inspiring and uplifting all those who connect with it. Each piece is also a blessing amplifier. Simply write down any intention, prayer or dream and place inside or underneath to charge your intentions with the loving healing power of Reiki.

1st Dinner inside: Lebanese Mezza


Ilili was ‘hopping’ on a Tuesday Night. The bar, two large rooms and outside dining was full. Look, NYC – like other places, went through a long haul with COVID-19 numbers – NYC locals are ready to GET OUT. It was a beautiful vibe last night, and the amazing work from the Vaccine developers made it happen. A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to them.
(PS. Yes, the economy of NYC is based on tourism, but selfishly – not running into any tourists is a great treat.)



Photo: dievca, Mom’s Yard 05/2021

“I surround myself with people that I want to be with. And I keep moving forward.”~ Sam Bern

1. Positive people don’t confuse quitting with letting go.

2.  Positive people don’t just have a good day – they make a good day.

3. For the positive person, the past stays in the past.

4. Show me a positive person and I can show you a grateful person.

5. Rather than being stuck in their limitations, positive people are energized by their possibilities.

6. Positive people do not let their fears interfere with their lives.

7. Positive people smile a lot.

8. People who are positive are great communicators.

9. Positive people realize that if you live long enough, there are times for great pain and sadness.

10. Positive people are empowered people – they refuse to blame others and are not victims in life.

Winter Solstice with Coffee & Candlelight


For us in the Northern Hemisphere, the December solstice marks the longest nights and shortest days of the year. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere is having short nights and long days. The first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere is marked by the Winter Solstice, which occurs today – Monday, December 21, 2020, at 5:02 A.M. EST.

Because Earth doesn’t orbit upright but is instead tilted on its axis by 23 1/2 degrees, the Earth’s Northern and Southern Hemispheres trade places in receiving the sun’s light and warmth most directly. The tilt of the Earth – not our distance from the sun – is what causes winter and summer. At the December solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is leaning most away from the sun for the year.

Being the shortest day means the solstice is also the longest night of the year, and one of the original traditions was rooted in candlelight—both for the needed light, and to celebrate the return of the sun in the coming months.

To celebrate, use a tabletop and cover it in unlit candles either in a circle or a varied pattern. Place a candle that symbolizes the sun (ideally in yellow or gold) in the center and taller than the rest of the candles. Light the sun candle first, and then the rest of the candles. You can recite a ritual while doing it, too.
(Or just have your coffee at 5:02 am EST – sounds like a ritual to dievca!)

Photos: dievca's 2020 Candles and Coffee for the Solstice

You can take the dievca out

of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the dievca.

Such a simple thing to make someone so happy during a sh*tty time.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Simple happiness for the morning.

Have a good week! XO

Monday Coffee with Woodstock

Woodstock was first seen in the strip in 1967 but was named in 1970 after the summer music festival.

“Woodstock knows that he is very small and inconsequential indeed.
It’s a problem we all have.
The universe boggles us…
Woodstock is a lighthearted expression of that idea.”
~ Charles Schulz

April 4, 1967
Woodstock is not a great flyer. In fact, he doesn’t even know what type of bird he is. The only thing he knows for sure is that he and Snoopy were destined to be great pals. He refers to Snoopy as his friend of friends, the only one in the neighborhood who understands his chirps. Woodstock is always up for an adventure, but is just as happy relaxing at home.

A little reminder of Life outside of COVID-19

In this time of social distancing, dievca would like to remind you of just how much fun a crowd can be:

Use your imagination to start your Monday.

Yes, the coffee will smile at you this morning.
Good Morning!

And a ‘Good Morning’ to you, too!

Photo: dievca – cappuccino from La Grainne Cafe NYC

Well, THAT’S a lovely start to a Monday : Cortado

Photo: dievca NYC cortado remains 02/2019

A Cortado is made by combining an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk, usually using one shot of espresso and the equal amount of milk.

Cortado comes from the Spanish word cortar, which means “to cut.” The steamed milk is said to “cut” the espresso to reduce the acidity and intensity of the drink. The Spanish origin is important to the make-up of this drink. Unlike many other popular espresso drinks, the cortado has little to no foam. A smooth go~

GOOD MORNING! and may yours be waiting for you. XO

No Matter How You Say It ~ Love is Love

You may hold my hand for a while,
but you hold my heart forever.

Alberta Ferretti Sweaters and Bags available at


Sharing the **V* with you! (Shel Silverstein)

National Orgasm Day – July 31st

The celebration day started in 2015
and commences, again, on July 31st!

dievca is “in”!

Orgasm photo series – Marcos Alberti – Smile Makers

The O Project is a series of photographs taken by Marcos Alberti, a renowned Brazilian photographer who was behind the 3 Glasses project in 2016. This time, Marcos has worked with Smile Makers to create something daring, unique and meaningful: a series of photos of women before, during and after they climax through self-pleasure. Far from the fake and standardized depiction that porn gives of it, the series showcases the female orgasm as it is: DIVERSE, BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERING!

Just to keep in mind:

Oh, Yes!

(click here for Marcos Alberti’s other photo project)

Taking coffee and a treat.


…wash away your troubles with some bubbles…

You can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath.
Throw everything you have into the tub:
bubble gels,
bubble oils,
bubble powders,
bubble gum.

~Henry Beard

Photo: dievca London 04/2017

1908 and 2016 — dievca’s Team Won!


Chicago Cubs 1908 with Mascot

Thank you for all your support!
dievca’s team won in a nail biter — a crazy exciting series.
The short video below will give you are recap of the last game.


Chicago Cubs 2016 with Mascots

VIDEO: 11/2/16: Cubs win World Series with 10th-inning rally
And dievca’s Lucky T-shirt – that she kept washing and wearing….
Don’t ask, her Cubs gear wasn’t working.


Sub_Urban Riot Coffee T-shirt (click photo to purchase)

A bear outfit might be in the mix for a presentation outfit.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!

gimme some sugar….

Gimme some sugar is a term used to ask for a kiss, where the girl is hot and the kiss is sweet.
-Urban Dictionary

dievca’s sugar spoke to her and made her day.


PINK: This morning I woke up and ran downstairs to get a big cup of coffee. It was exactly what I needed. Can you think of anything better? …the coffee was finished…what about tea? Chocolate? It seemed fine! Good morning to you all!

ORANGE: Just came back from work. Turned on the coffee machine and took Jack for a walk in the park. When we came back my coffee was ready. The house smelled wonderful. I took my cup and my book and sat in my favourite armchair. Perfect!


Have a good day! and save dievca some sugar, ok?
XO from the “hot” dievca~

presence, not pleasure

Underwater Kiss

One of the “mermaids” in Weeki Wachee Springs, Fla., performs an underwater embrace as part of an aquaballet act, circa 1950. Three Lions/Getty Images

An interesting thing happened to Master and dievca.  They planned time for a scene, in advance and met. dievca was running late from work and couldn’t get 100% dressed to present (no make-up, ripped her thigh-hi’s) and Master arrived irritated and needed to talk to let off steam about a situation.  Overall, not a problem – other than both parties were distracted and had a hard time finding their D/s focus. Both Master and dievca felt “off” with their experience at the end of the evening.

Compare this to:

Another time when Master and dievca didn’t plan a scene. They met for dinner, no D/s play scheduled – but as they ate their focus on each other became deeper and deeper and a small scene was played out at the end of the evening. Both Master and dievca rode a high of complete focus for two days afterward.

What was the difference?

A study found that presence, not pleasure, brings happiness.

The offering is that no matter what the activity – if you are fully engaged in the moment, pleasurable or not — it’s the full mind engagement which makes you happy.

“A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” state Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University.

Their Science Magazine study shows that when we are distracted by thoughts, doubts, judgments, daydreams, and other ruminations (conceptual self-awareness), we are inevitably less happy with the activity. In fact, we missed a lot because when we think, we can’t at the same time be available to access the flow of feelings and sensations in our bodies.

Happiness arises when we are fully engaged in the experiences of our bodies in the present moment; when our attention is completely filled up with our body sense (embodied self-awareness).

So, in general, you’ll be far happier feeling, sensing, and being in the moment with whatever you do than trying to think your way to happiness.

Alan Fogel: Psychology Today – If you are happier after sex, it’s not just because it feels good

Bench Romance: CC Street Photography

Bench Romance: CC Street Photography

The case for stopping at two…

Vintage Photo Ladies Drinking Goddess of WinePhotographer Marcos Alberti‘s photo project, 3 Glasses Later, could be considered a probing investigation into the intoxicated human psyche. But a more accurate description would be that it’s a series of portraits of increasingly tipsy people. Alberti snapped photos of his friends when they were sober — and then again after one, two, and finally three glasses of wine. If this sounds like some of your Facebook albums from freshman year of college, you’re not alone.

“I wanted to show the good side of drinking,” Alberti tells Refinery29. “With friends, in a good and happy environment, and with moderation, wine could be good stuff. [It can] bring people together.”

You can see that, with every glass they drink, Alberti’s subjects look a little happier, a little friendlier, and, yes, definitely drunker. Alberti explains that most of the people he shot weren’t used to being in front of the camera, so they’re visibly much more comfortable by the last photo. Although he tells us that one woman, a model, “asked me to put her in the fridge to take a picture of her, but it didn’t work.” The inventive mind of a slightly buzzed person is truly a thing of wonder.

Wine Photo1 Wine Photo 2 Wine Photo 3

Click through to view a selection of Alberti’s photos —

Refinery 29: Drinking Wine Portraits Marcos Alberti

What is dievca’s take home from all this?
she thinks everyone looks best after 2 glasses…
she will be stopping after 2…

Are you HAPPY?

dievca has mentioned it before — she’s sorry to sound like  a broken record — but it was a tough year +.
The good news is that things are lightening up.
Enough that dievca felt justified purchasing a t-shirt that said this:

Elizabeth and James Textile Bowery Happy Tee Grey

Elizabeth and James Textile Bowery Happy Tee white

Granted, people looked at dievca like she was weird (and she is weird) – but the t-shirt from Elizabeth and James TEXTILE fits well and looks good. Actually, dievca looks for this brand in t-shirts — well made, great fabrics, fun.

So, are you HAPPY?
If so, do you want to borrow dievca’s t-shirt for the day?

Pharrell Mashup (Happy Get Lucky) – Pomplamoose

Now is all you have…


Stop and take stock.
Do you like what you have?
Are you who you want to be?

You can plan to be someone else.
Will you commit to those changes?
Or push them off indefinitely?

I like who I am.
Do I need to change?
Will it make you happy?

Forget that.
We need to be happy with ourselves to offer happiness to others.

Now is all I have.
I offer me.
As I am.

Photo: Unknown-Alan Watts quote.

A good point…

20141208_065708_resizedI don’t understand.
Everyone makes themselves so unhappy
and then they make others unhappy, too.

dievca’s Mother spoke