No Matter How You Say It ~ Love is Love

You may hold my hand for a while,
but you hold my heart forever.

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Sharing the **V* with you! (Shel Silverstein)

National Orgasm Day – July 31st

The celebration day started in 2015
and commences, again, on July 31st!

dievca is “in”!

Orgasm photo series – Marcos Alberti – Smile Makers

The O Project is a series of photographs taken by Marcos Alberti, a renowned Brazilian photographer who was behind the 3 Glasses project in 2016. This time, Marcos has worked with Smile Makers to create something daring, unique and meaningful: a series of photos of women before, during and after they climax through self-pleasure. Far from the fake and standardized depiction that porn gives of it, the series showcases the female orgasm as it is: DIVERSE, BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERING!

Just to keep in mind:

Oh, Yes!

(click here for Marcos Alberti’s other photo project)

Taking coffee and a treat.


…wash away your troubles with some bubbles…

You can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath.
Throw everything you have into the tub:
bubble gels,
bubble oils,
bubble powders,
bubble gum.

~Henry Beard

Photo: dievca London 04/2017

1908 and 2016 — dievca’s Team Won!


Chicago Cubs 1908 with Mascot

Thank you for all your support!
dievca’s team won in a nail biter — a crazy exciting series.
The short video below will give you are recap of the last game.


Chicago Cubs 2016 with Mascots

VIDEO: 11/2/16: Cubs win World Series with 10th-inning rally
And dievca’s Lucky T-shirt – that she kept washing and wearing….
Don’t ask, her Cubs gear wasn’t working.


Sub_Urban Riot Coffee T-shirt (click photo to purchase)

A bear outfit might be in the mix for a presentation outfit.
Diversity, dievca, Diversity!

gimme some sugar….

Gimme some sugar is a term used to ask for a kiss, where the girl is hot and the kiss is sweet.
-Urban Dictionary

dievca’s sugar spoke to her and made her day.


PINK: This morning I woke up and ran downstairs to get a big cup of coffee. It was exactly what I needed. Can you think of anything better? …the coffee was finished…what about tea? Chocolate? It seemed fine! Good morning to you all!

ORANGE: Just came back from work. Turned on the coffee machine and took Jack for a walk in the park. When we came back my coffee was ready. The house smelled wonderful. I took my cup and my book and sat in my favourite armchair. Perfect!


Have a good day! and save dievca some sugar, ok?
XO from the “hot” dievca~