Prada Pearls

Prada Pearls

BDSM dressing for the Holidays!

Harness Me~

Often times a leather or chain body harness connects to a Collar:

Kudosale leather harness bra

A recent trend in lingerie is to have the neck harness as a part of the lingerie, itself.
What do you think?

Hauty Hook You Thong and Harness Bralette

Yandy blue harness lingerie

Hauty Choker Teddy with Harness Straps

Mojo Lingerie UK Collar Harness neck

Etsy Sasha Neck Harness lingerie

Thistles and Spire Kane Garter Belt w/removable harness

JYards neck harness bra

Hauty Nothing But Net harness top set

dievca prefers her Master’s Collar.

Zana Bayne: Beautiful Bondage


Blurring the lines between accessories and clothing, Zana Bayne‘s luxe, artisanal leather goods infuse a haute-couture aesthetic with provocative, bondage-influenced undertones. Known for their defined silhouettes and striking shapes, Bayne’s designs play on the lines of the body, refining and accentuating the wearer’s individual style.

Zana Bayne Spring Summer 2014 Paris runway

Zana Bayne Spring Summer 2014 Paris Runway

Here, Bayne handcrafts a sleek harness from rich strips of rivet-reinforced leather, in a wickedly playful arrangement inspired by occult symbolism and enneagram formations. Although originally intended to be worn with the design on the back, the harness also effortlessly works reversed. Gleaming silvertone hardware punctuates the look.
Zana Bayne Hex Harness
Zana Bayne Hex Harness Front
Some classic simple designs are available,  too:
Zana Bayne Choker Belt Zana Bayne Choker Belt Person Nordstorms Zana Bayne Black Leather Choker collar Zana Payne Choker Cuffs
The pieces that dievca own are a collaboration with PENDU x Zana Bayne — a collar and cuff in red. she has presented to Master in them with a white Goddess maxi dress and worn them on the street with a black maxi dress.

The “Magnum Opus” Capsule Collection collaboration from PENDV x Zana Bayne 2014 is comprised of a series of leather works conceptually devised by the duo based on a symbol designed by Todd Pendu and then constructed by Zana Bayne. The base image from which all of these products are derived is a stylized re-imagining of the inverted symbol of Sulphur that has been used to signify accomplishment of the “Great Work (Magnum Opus)” in Alchemy and is also connected in shape to the Tarot card known as “The Hanged-Man” or in French as “Le Pendu”
Zana Bayne Pendu Collar red
zana-bayne-red PENDU bracelet

More information about Zana Bayne can be found HERE.