As good as it gets~against the odds. (Father’s Day)

Photo: Reddit, Trevor3999 – His Grandma and her Dad

Look, dievca’s Dad is older.  He had a stroke/heart attack a few years ago and they determined they couldn’t operate.  Blood flow efficiency was increased from 20% to 38% with drugs. His handwriting got better, he is walking/cleaning house/gardening/driving to the hardware store/taking care of Mom — doing really well.

Dad took a “header” last summer from the heat and perhaps a little bit of medications needing adjustment.  A mess with a bleed out, broken neck and nose, etc.  He got through it.

We went for his annual heart check-up:

Weight – the same
Blood work – good
Concerns with breathing/dizziness – none
range of motion – better
Heart efficiency – 45% (up a smidgen beyond the margins for error…)

The Doctor thought about it, looked at us and said, “just keep doing what you are doing..”

I think my Dad made his day.

In the end, what dievca is learning from her Dad is that no matter how bad it gets — we know that the act of trying to work through problems may not always be successful, but sometimes it is…
And that is a beautiful thing.
So keep trying, against the odds.

and Happy Father’s Day. XO

Go with the Lava Flow: OPI and being Slovak

What is your favorite Nail Polish name?


OK, when you are a little bit blue or you need a “pick-me-up” – getting a manicure/pedicure can do the trick. (unless you are Master and cannot tolerate anyone but dievca, touching His toes…)

dievca had to take a break from her pedicures to let her nails “breathe” (did you know nails need to breathe?). They dry out and get brittle from the nail polish and remover.

It had been 2 months of healing. Master didn’t mind because dievca’s toe nails were buffed and Her feet were soft, clean and neat.

But dievca delights in having her toe nails polished and half the Joy of a Pedicure (for dievca) is choosing a nail polish with a fun name!

She opened the new season with some words of Wisdom:


Go With The Lava Flow

And for her next pedicure, she’s going Central European!  Noteworthy – there is not a color named after Slovakia….why is that she wonders?….good skiing in Slovakia. Sigh.

Yes, next time she is going for the whole Kielbasa~
click the kielbasa link to learn about Heart Attack Heaven


OPI Euro Central 2013

Colors: (L–>R) My Vampire Is Buff (ha!), Suzy Is Hungary Again, Hands Off My Kielbasa, Oy Another Polish Joke, A Womans Pragueative, My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours, You’re Such a Budapest, Vantto Bite My Neck, Can’t Find My Czechbook, Eurso Euro, I Saw You Saw We Saw Warsaw,

And finally if you are someone who is looking for the name of that nail polish shade that you used two years ago or you would like to see all the OPI/Essie/Etc names people could remember, dievca ran into this Blog during her research:


Photo: Bright Pink Toenails istockphoto

An athletic you…under duress.

Years ago, dievca talked about how athletic you might need to be for D/s or BDSM.  It has come back to her as she has dealt with sympathetic injuries due to a biking accident. Fractured foot, over-use injuries and sympathetic injuries.

In this case, dievca is injured on a side that wasn’t inline with her athletic injuries.  After getting the injured muscles to relax and re-fire, she can now walk and is using simple (very simple) dance therapy to help a torn psoas muscle, actually the iliopsoas, pulled rectus femoris (think generic term hip flexors- you with dievca?) and an over-stretched groin. Add-in that dievca needs to balance the over-use on the other side of her body.

OK, babbling…you might not care about injuries and recovery.
But, dievca can offer two outfits that have made her happy in her workouts.  
(Funny thing? Master has never seen them…he has never worked out with dievca.)

Workout outfit #1 : Nike

Workout outfit #2: Free People Movement

Body Awareness: what dievca is thinking about…


dievca has thought hard about
body types, body images, perceptions and acceptance.

Look at these athletes, their bodies are appropriate for their Sports.
Not the easiest Bodies to dress.

But, each is owned by a human being
and ALL are gorgeous.

dievca and Master have had conversations
about eating properly for health.

Many people are in hospitals for things that could have
been solved by eating better.

dievca knows when she feels better about herself
and she is not hurting,
she eats better.

It’s a circle which feeds upon itself:
Body Image, Eating, Health

How can we offer solutions that bring positive images to females?
The Fashion Industry is starting to take a look at their image offerings,
but is it enough?

Click for the The History of Plus Sizing

What if we go with something more like this?


How can we get properly fitting clothing for
the beautifully diverse bodies in the World?

Tough questions…
any suggestions?

Holding On thru the Ups and Downs

Hands Holding

A little hand holding goes a long way. For the support person as much as the injured party. Master ran into an issue with an old surgery from His “walkin’ on the edge” youth, when He was trying to prove Himself to the World. Payback is a b**ch – years down the road.
It’s a rough ride.

This post is Master’s idea.
He was a bit out of it…
Photos of contrasts
Ups and Downs


Gurney = Sickness


IV = Analysis


Lilies = Hope and Renewal


Honesty in Advertising~ XO

Science World's sex exhibit OrgasmScience World's sex exhibit birthcontrolScience World's sex exhibit Ejaculation

Racy ads for an exhibition on sexuality at Vancouver’s Science World had created controversy with two of them being banned from bus stops.  The advertisements were for the exhibit “The Science of Sexuality”, geared toward youth aged 12 and up.  The exhibition ran until Sept. 2nd, 2013

Science World president Bryan Tisdall admitted the ads may be racy, but he said that it was to attract teens to the educational exhibit. “If that kind of prompts a youngster to ask their parents about it then we say, ‘What better place to answer that question than at Science World?’”

“[It’s] a responsible, factual, informative and entertaining presentation of the science of sexuality,” Tisdall said.

dievca loved the ads and she knows firsthand that orgasms can kill pain — Master is kind enough to help her monthly. And when He was injured, dievca returned the favor.
PS. Master never gets colds —  now you know why….XO