Hermès Fouet (repost)

Hermes Fouet

Behold a platinum whip.
Set with 3699 diamonds, from Hermès.
Fully articulated.

It is designed as a necklace, unsurprisingly named “Fouet”
and includes the Alligator-leather case.

May dievca offer a view of some other items in the collection?

Hermes Fouet Ring


Hermes Fouet Earrings


Hermes Fouet collection together

(Available upon special order at Hermès stores. 1-800-441-4488 or http://www.hermes.com)

And if the jewelry is too dear — you can always download the whip screensaver at http://www.hermes.com

Hermès whip screen saver

A repost from March 4th, 2014

Window Shopping at Hermès

Sweet Nothing Gifts by Hermès

dievca is so sorry…..Holiday / Gift Giving Season is about to begin.  she is here to offer you some elegant, yet, simple gifts from Hermès that might help with your Host/Hostess gifts or something for those Sirs and Madams who have everything.


Leather Pocket Screw


Leather Silver Pocket Cigar Cutter


Red & Green Rope Playing Cards


Red & Grey Playing Cards


Pelouse Chevre Zulu Coin Purse


Pelouse Chevre Zulu High Coin Purse


Jules Lambskin Pouch

Good Luck to you for the Season. XO

(All items were on Gilt.com, but may have sold out. Just some ideas.)

submissive collar & cuff extraordinaire : Hermès

dievca’s desire to be bound by chains.
What more beauty can a submissive dream of?
Not much.Hermes-Buckle chain sterling and 14K gold

METAL 18K Gold, Sterling Silver
MEASUREMENTS Necklace is 16″ Long, 9mm wide, Bracelet is 7 1/2″ Long, 9mm wide (INCH = 25mm)
MARKED/TESTED Hermes Paris, Gold Marks
WEIGHT 135.5g

eBay: Classic Hermes Silver 18K Gold Buckle Necklace Bracelet Set $4320.00

Hermes-Buckle chain sterling and 14K gold 2

Patinage sur glace

Hermès.on-ice-3 at the ready
Hermès.on-ice-2 to dart artlessly
through the mêlée
bodies up
bodies down
some gliding delightfully
Hermès.on-ice-1851and the finale
on bended knee

May you be gifted with Hermès during the Holidays

Hermès Sterling Silver Cigar Box for your goodies

  • A gorgeous box for Master’s Cigars or His Playtime Goodies
  • The brass ring of O latch is a very fine BDSM detail
  • Circa 1960’s, this sterling silver cedar lined cigar box with brass adornments
  • $4500.00

Hermès Cigar / Goodies Box purchase information


Hermès: Love Lock

The history of love padlocks dates back at least 100 years to a melancholy Serbian tale of  World War I,  A local schoolmistress named Nada fell in love with a Serbian officer named Relja. After they committed to each other Relja went to war in Greece where he fell in love with a local woman from Corfu. As a result, Relja and Nada broke off their engagement. Nada never recovered from that devastating blow, and after some time she died due to heartbreak from her unfortunate love. As young women from Vrnjačka Banja wanted to protect their own loves, they started writing down their names, with the names of their loved ones, on padlocks and affixing them to the railings of the bridge where Nada and Relja used to meet. (Wikipedia – consolidated by dievca)

To avoid the heartbreak, vandalism and cost of removal for padlocks attached to a bridge (key thrown away) — a gorgeous Hermès Ring can be worn.  dievca thinks that the prohibitive cost of the ring will keep the Lovers together. Right?

Hermes Padlock Ring Sterling and Gold Hermes Padlock Ring Sterling and Gold 2 Hermes Padlock Ring Sterling and Gold 3 Hermes Padlock Ring Yellow Gold 18K Sterling Silver 925 EU54 US6 25 A438   eBay Auth Hermes Padlock Ring Yellow Gold 18K Sterling Silver 925 EU54 US6 25 A438   eBay 2

Hermes Padlock Ring Yellow Gold 18K Sterling Silver 925
EU54 US6.25 A438

It’s dievca’s size…anyone willing to buy it for her?