And they WON!

(Click on Photos for a larger view of the OT goal.)

dievca was the lucky recipient of a last-minute offer to see the NY Rangers play Game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s always a treat to catch live hockey, but the game was tight and the energy in MSG (Madison Square Garden) was ROCKING!

The Rangers will be facing the Carolina Hurricanes, next. They are a good team – we will see.

Fingers crossed.🤞

Photos: dievca NYC 05/2022

If I had been able to~

One of my children would have been 19. I wanted a hockey team. 6

My brothers played Junior and College Hockey. Their kids played College Hockey.

Odds are if I had been able to carry, mine would have been on a Team bus.

But, I/we didn’t make it to one. That was a long time ago~

I ask myself: is it better to never get started? Or to never see it finish after having 20 years of Joy?

Both stink.

And I cry, again, not for my ancient history but for the Children and Families of the Humboldt Broncos.

Sending a prayer.

It’s been 40 Years…

….since my Master’s preferred Hollywood Star doppelgänger debuted in the most irreverent sports movie directed by Oscar winner, Yale alumnus, George Roy Hill….

The movie, written by Nancy Dowd, premiered in New Haven — to silence and confusion.
If you are confused, SLAP SHOT is about a minor league ice hockey team that resorts to violent play to gain popularity in a declining factory town.
“The language is quite a bit beyond blue,” Newman said during a 1976 television interview NHL Network unearthed. “It’s heavy into purple almost. I don’t believe a thing is truly vulgar if it’s funny. Boy, it’s foul-mouthed, but it’s real and beautiful.”


It’s absolutely stupid and every time I see it, I laugh at something new and get a bit sad because I know that area of the country, I know the 1970’s minor leagues, I grew up seeing Western PA and its rawness. It’s a character driven movie — everyone is a little yucky, but strangely enticing —  train wrecks you cannot look away from.  
And did I mention the clothing choices are spectacular?

Thank goodness, VHS saved the movie from obscurity.

And a link from the NYT when Paul Newman passed away in 2008. Written about Reggie Dunlap – beloved: