Happy Holidays! XO

Wishing you all the best for the Season!
From Master and His dievca

(Apparently a fashionable, yet, invincible couple who are not on an ice surface insured through USA Hockey…XO)

City Lights – Holiday 2016

The Étoile Isabel Marant coat helps….

…with getting through the Season.
 3 Outfits from dievca’s Holiday Dinner / Drinks Circuit.
How are you surviving the season?

Look #1 Work-related Party in a home

Look #2 Work-related Party in a bar

Look #3 Ugly Christmas Sweater Work Party
(dievca refused to buy or wear an ugly sweater…here’s her solution)

Straight w/small hints of BDSM: Gift Giving

dievca gets ready for the Holidays through out the year.
she starts on Dec. 26th.
dievca knows that other people don’t do that and that they don’t enjoy giving gifts as much as she does.
she thought she could help by offering some suggestions for things she thought were “cool” or “fun”:

ORU BAY folding Kayak $1575.00: (Showing your Trust/Bondage)

kayak-features_2048x2048 oru-bay-folding-kayak
You never know when you need to cross a body of water…you will be ready!

This Is Ground – Venture Backpack $750 (Gorgeous for carrying BDSM “tools”)

venture_fg_1 venture_fg_2_1024x1024 venture_cognac_5_1024x1024 venture_navy__05_1024x1024
Very handsome and the technical accessories are great, too.

The Land of Nod offers some fun pieces for kids(and Littles):


The S’more the Merrier Campfire Set


JellyCat Sloth and Crested Dog


JellyCat Ostrich

Restoration Hardware Faux Fur Ushanka $41.00 (Sensation Play)


OK, it’s not so cold in NYC…but something fun for other parts of the country.

The rest of these items are from RESTORATION HARDWARE:

Wooly Plush animals including Unicorns, Elephants and dievca’s favorite — Hedgehogs. (For the Kids and Littles)

wooly-plush wooly-plush-hedgehog

Stocking Stuffers:

Folding Keyboard with Blue Tooth $30.00 (Communication)
Silver Screen Sleeping Mask $11.00 (Sensation Play)
Bike Repair Kit $10.00 (practical for dievca)
Locksmart mini keyless Bluetooth Padlock $69 (Bondage)
German Goggles $12 (STEAMPUNK cosplay)
Triple Beam Headlamp $14 (Doctor Fetish)
Wrist ruler $10 (Stingy Spanking)
Mobile “Foodie” Survival Kit $14.00 (Sensation play)
The Gentleman’s Deck $9.00 (Gentleman Dom)
Artist Notebooks (set of four) $10.00 (To Do list)
Edible Chemistry Set $9.00 (a gift for dievca – Sensation Play)
Children’s Card Games $8.00 (Kids and Littles)

Whatever you end up doing for the Holidays,
gifts – no gifts.
dievca is sending you wishes of No Stress and Joy. XO