A day on the UWS

dievca and a friend met for the Farmer’s Greenmarket on the Upper Westside and she already shared her outfit with you.

Here’s what happened after the market:

Walked past some bubbles and good wishes:

Brunch at White Gold Butchers – a whole-animal butcher shop & American eatery that’s owned by two female butchers. It is casual by day with table service at night and offers excellent meats. (Side note: Master and dievca had lunch here a week later, as a break from packing for His extended trip.)

dievca visited two OPEN HOUSEs for apartments up by where Master lives. One with a terrace and a fireplace… Yes, dievca knows that you Midwesterners are smirking, but buying a Co-Op in NYC is a whole different ballgame — my rent for one bedroom is probably more than your 3 bedroom house on 1/2 acre of land. The terraced/fireplace apartment was small but lovely. The the other apartment was….meh.

Then dievca’s friend wanted her to visit a business which was closing this week after 39 years of service. Liberty House will have closed by the time you read this – it was a lovely, yet sad experience. Some offerings:
What did dievca buy?
A bright yellow pottery tray and an absolutely stunning petite 18K with 22K bezel set opal slice ring.

Photos: 4/2017 UWS NYC by dievca

Something for the BDSM home~ Deluna Ceramics

Contemporary ceramic artist.

Aintzane De Luna, designer and plastic artist, resident in Bilbao, Basque Country.

Designing pieces that have style and personality, are irreverent, vindictive, insolent, funny, sexy, with character, provocative and with a touch of rebelliousness.
Conceived stylish sexy pieces, with plenty of character and loads of wonderful ideas. These creations have a great deal of emotion and feeling, inspiring as much in art, as in everyday reality.

DeLuna Ceramics

dievca would say that they would be a conversation starter~

Master, may I hold your Nuts?

click photo to purchase

click photo to purchase

In the palm of my hands.

Jonathan Adler Hand Modern Decor Brass nutcracker

Chasing Rainbows

dievca: Ice Melt 10th Ave NYC 2/2017

As dievca slushed through the melting snow,
she ran into some Rainbows and began to daydream…

HAY Small Rainbow Desk Tray $13.75

Mepra 5-Piece Natura Rainbow Flatware Place Setting $175

Tom Dixon Oil Candle Saks 5th Ave $100

Shower at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Chasing Rainbows 1930 Movie

At the end of the rainbow there’s happiness
And to find it how often I’ve tried
But my life is a race just a wild goose chase
And my dreams have always been denied
Why have I always been a failure?
What can the reason be?
I wonder if the world’s to blame
I wonder if it could be me?

I’m always chasing rainbows
Watching clouds drifting by
My schemes are just like all my dreams
Ending in the sky
Some fellows look and find the sunshine
I always look and find the rain
Some fellows make a winning some time
I never even make a gain, believe me
I’m always chasing rainbows
Waiting to find a little bluebird in vain

I’ve looked to the west as the sun goes down
And I’ve followed its glorious rays
But the faster I’d run I would miss the sun
My life’s full of wasted days
I’ve always been a natural loser
Each thing I touch must fail
If good luck ever came to me it would never seem right at all



“I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” is a popular Vaudeville song. The music is credited to Harry Carroll, although the melody is actually adapted from Fantaisie-Impromptu by Frédéric Chopin. The lyrics were written by Joseph McCarthy, and the song was published in 1917 and introduced in the Broadway show Oh, Look! which opened in March, 1918. The song was sung in the show by The Dolly Sisters. Judy Garland sang it in the 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl. It was subsequently sung by Jack Oakie in the 1944 film The Merry Monahans and was again featured in the 1945 film The Dolly Sisters (1945 in film), where it was sung by John Payne. It was also included for part of the run (and in the cast album) of the 1973 revival of Irene.


A “Thank You” to ApartmentTherapy.com for the idea.

Strangely attracted…

dievca is strangely attracted to these area rugs.
They would be a great conversation starter~

Cold Picnic Private Parts Rugs BoobsMuff and Cock

2’ W by 3’ L
100% New Zealand wool yarn
1” pile on woven cotton backing
– black design on cream background

“It seems like a lot of copper” for your house~

“I looked at the ornaments on the desk. Everything standard and all copper. A copper lamp, pen set and pencil tray, a glass and copper ashtray with a copper elephant on the rim, a copper letter opener, a copper thermos bottle on a copper tray, copper corners on the blotter holder. There was a spray of almost copper-colored sweet peas in a copper vase. It seemed like a lot of copper.”
― Raymond Chandler, The High Window

Copper The Glastonbury 73 Cast Iron French Bateau Tub Package Copper Sainsbury's Accessories copper bar-stool-contemporary-leather-copper-89296-6433605 METALLIC COPPER CROCODILE LEATHER PILLOW - $15 copper-chateau-cuisiniere LA CORNUE french manufacture copperbowls2 Oregon Copper Bowl Company Copper Kitchenmaid mixer copper-frame-leather-stitching-butterfly-chair-take copper-mug-beer or moscow mule Copper Pen Pencil storage Copper CU29-Pendant-Light-by-Paul-Crofts-Studio_dezeen_468_0 copper-bathroom-accessories-contemporary-with-images-of-copper-bathroom-model-at-gallery Copper bike bell Copper Oil Lamps copper-kitchen-accessories-stelton-vacuum-jugdievca seems to be on a Copper kick — but the funny thing is that the only Copper piece in her house is a Copper / Brass Coffee Pot and Percolator from Belgium that she used while living in Europe. XO

Copper and Brass Coffee Pot and Percolator Belgian Brussels H. Pommier