astonished and happy that something advertised actually happens

Have you ever wondered about something advertised and it turns out to be true because you’ve seen it with your own two eyes?
Reminds one of the state nickname for Missouri –  the “show-me” state.

Bombas Socks do actually donate socks to homeless people in NYC.

Remember that the City is empty due to COVID? The homeless folks have been out in neighborhoods and parks, in force. In fact, brouhahas are stirring on the UWS where hotels have been opened up to the homeless New Yorkers so they do not have to share a large space and cots in a homeless shelter. Their neighbors aren’t too happy, but that is another story.

Anyways, dievca spotted a Gentleman who has made a local park his home during COVID sporting black low-rise Bombas socks and they look to be in good condition. Apparently, Bombas is not donating the same sock they sell to customers.
They are donating a sock that is specially designed for the homeless with the following features:

Nice to see altruistic marketing in action.

dievca owns a number styles of Bombas Socks and has given them as Christmas gifts to Master and members of her family. Everyone loves them.

Sharing 16 hours….Union Square to Chelsea.

After work on Saturday, dievca hustled across to the Union Square Farmer’s Market to shop with a friend, she wanted to get apples or pears to make another Crisp for when Master returns. It ended up being apples.

Realizing that she didn’t eat since 6:30 am, she and her friend ambled over to The Coffee Shop – a NYC, Union Square staple. It was closed. dievca was just there at the end of September. The place was hopping at 3 pm~

Devastated that another NYC landmark was dropping out due to rents, they wandered into Flat Fix, a taco shop owned by the same people. The Manager confirmed the heavy rent increases (plus higher minimum wage and food/beverage costs) forced The Coffee Shop to close. Rumors about a bank and two chain restaurants taking over the space. FlatFix is staying.

dievca left her friend at the subway station and started to meander home. Seeing silly things in the City:

Yes, that water-resistant cashmere Herno coat is something dievca would love to buy for Master…..the hefty price tag (about 2K) will limit that purchase. It was GORGEOUS….

The next morning, with the time change she got up early and walked the High Line to meet a friend for breakfast and saw a bit of Fall Colors. Supposedly the colors in Upstate New York are not very good because of the super hot and wet Summer.

On the way home, she investigated two options for her “money from the sidewalk” homeless donation jar.

  • Church of the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen (dievca sees that it is heavily in use)
  • Antonio Olivieri Drop-In Center (across from Penn Station – also heavily in use)

OK, the money collected off the street may only be $50, but that is $50 put towards helping someone eat or shower.

dievca hopes you have enjoyed your “Fall Back” time change as much as she enjoyed her 16 hours. XO

Photos: dievca 11/2018 NYC