Happy Lunar New Year! (your forecast for 2023)

Heavenly stems and earthly branches (via CNN Travel)

Every year, a heavenly stem (one of five elements, which fall into the yin or yang category) is paired with an earthly branch (one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals).
Gui Mao is the 40th element of the Chinese sexagenary cycle — the Heavenly Stem “Gui” represents water, whereas the earthly branch “Mao” represents Rabbit. That makes 2023 the Year of the Water Rabbit.
“Gui Mao Rabbit Year is quite a special year — when all the elements in a year are yin,” says Thierry Chow, a Hong Kong-based geomancy consultant known for blending traditional Chinese geomancy with modern design elements.
“It’s also uncommon to have the combination of water and rabbit. The rabbit represents wood. Water nurtures wood (according to Chinese geomancy).”
She says industries with wood as their main element — like culture, publishing, agriculture and furniture — would benefit. Fire industries, on the other hand, including digital and technology businesses, may suffer as fire is afraid of Water.
“The Year of Water Rabbit is going to be a gentler year. We’ll have time to take a breather. We’ve been in the tunnel for the last few years, and the light is getting bigger now,” says Chow.


People born in the Year of the Rabbit will be facing their “Ben Ming Nian” — their own zodiac year — in 2023. Followers believe there will be more disruptions and instabilities in the year to come as a result.
“People born in the Rabbit year have to expect big changes health-wise, career-wise and relationship-wise. It could be a bit nerve-wracking, especially for those whose birth charts don’t favor Water,” says Chow.
“But do remember it never is all bad. It may mean an opportunity to grow.”
Rabbits should try to attract positive energy and join happy events when possible.
They should also travel to destinations to their south — doesn’t matter if these southern destinations are within their city or outside their country — says Chow.


It’s set to be a pretty good year for Dragons out there. No unlucky stars are affecting their year.
“There are no outstanding concerns, except maybe health for those born in the summer and autumn. They could easily feel stressed,” says Chow.
But the geomancy expert urges Dragons not to make rash decisions at work.
“It doesn’t mean overthinking. Just let things sit longer before you make a decision,” says Chow.
Single Dragons could meet potential romantic partners this year. Their lucky colors are metallic, such as gold or silver.
As for traveling, head west for better fortunes, says Chow.


People born in Snake years will enjoy good news and abundance as the travel star, Yi Ma Xing, and the fortune star, Cai Xing, will reign over them this year.
“Opportunities, new directions and advancements will come to you at work,” says Chow. “But Snakes need to find balance in life and take a break when needed.”
Romantically, Snakes may find love while out traveling this year. Chow advises them to wear blue or gold and travel to the west or north.


“This year, Horses will have the Peach Blossom Star (Taohua Xing) shining over them. That’s always good news,” says Chow.
Professionally, they’ll find new opportunities and meet a lot of guardians who will assist them.
They’ll enjoy good relationships. She says this might be the right year for those wanting to get engaged or married.
But Chow issues one reminder for Horses: Pay attention to their family’s physical and mental health.
“They can wear colorful clothes like pink, orange and a bit of yellow. In terms of traveling, they can head to their south,” says Chow.


This year, Goats will greet Tai Sui.
It’s generally a positive influence on their luck, but at the same time, it could also mean that the year will be exhausting too. That’s why Goats need to care for themselves and rest when needed.
“Save some time to get to know yourself better. Career-wise, you need to stay humble and keep a low profile. Observe more. Opportunities will present themselves at the right moment,” says Chow.
On the relationship front, people born in Goat years will enjoy a smooth year.
“They’re more likely to meet new people, new friends, and even new loves this year,” says Chow, adding that a bit of gold and a visit to the west could add to their luck.


Good news for Monkeys: they will be in harmonious union with Tai Sui this year.
Chow says they will be showered with admiration from those around them at work.
But that doesn’t mean they should live recklessly. Instead, the geomancer says, “they should play safe this year, especially those who love extreme sports.”
In terms of relationships, they are prone to arguments and drama, which could be avoided by improving communication this year.
Yellow and beige are the color palette for Monkeys in 2023, and they could look towards the west for travel inspiration, says Chow.


Roosters need to brace themselves — they will be clashing with Tai Sui this year, meaning the coming months could be unstable and present plenty of changes.
Advice from Chow: Embrace the chaos and travel more.
“Muster as much positive energy as you could and be more aware that you may be easier to attract conflicts this year,” she says. “But understand that these changes are for the better.”
To alleviate the blow, they could wear more yellow and brown and visit places in the west or north.


Being in union with Tai Sui, people born under the sign of the Dog will likely enjoy a pleasant year with significant advancements in career and finance.
But Dogs must remind themselves to be humble and listen to others, especially friends and people they trust, says Chow. They’ll tell you important things that will greatly benefit you this year.
“Their lucky colors are silver and blue, and their lucky place is to their north,” says Chow.


Pigs will be greeting Tai Sui, meaning it should generally be a positive year.
But, on the flip side, greeting Tai Sui could also affect one’s health because of the extra workload.
“You have to balance your work and play time equally,” Chow says.
People born during Pig years may enjoy professional success if they are willing to focus on teamwork.
“Relationship-wise, it’ll be a very good year for you. You will meet new friends and potential new love,” says Chow.
To enhance fortune, Pigs could wear pink and purple more often and plan a trip to the south, she adds.


People born in the years of the Rat will be in conflicts with Tai Sui, also known as Xing (torturing) Tai Sui, next year.
“Generally, it means a tougher year,” says Chow. “But when there is yin, there is always yang, too. So remember, it never really is all bad.”
Rats should be more cautious about health and work. They could be prone to minor injuries and miscommunication this year.
Chow urges them to wear cheerful colors — like pink and orange — and visit warmer places.


Oxen will enjoy an exciting year with the travel star and fortune star shining over them.
“They will find new opportunities and their finances will reach a new level. They’ll probably travel more for work and personal reasons. But since they’re traveling and working more, they need to be aware of their health,” says Chow.
Those who are single and looking for love may have some good luck this year.
Meanwhile, when choosing a travel destination, they could journey to the north, says Chow.


For those born in Tiger years, their “Ben Ming Nian” is over.
“That means, whatever tough times and instabilities they’re experiencing, it’s going to get better soon,” says Chow. “But patience is key because changes won’t be immediate.”
Tigers, especially those born in spring and summer, should take time to recover in the first half of the year and only make big decisions in the second half of the year, she says.
They should take things slowly in relationships and “save themselves some me-time.”
Wearing yellow, blue and brown could cheer them up. They could also travel to their north and west, concludes Chow.

Mars in … Hah, they got it right!

Mars, Venus, and Amor – Titian (Tiziano Vecellia)



“Love, harmony, and relationships take the lead when Mars is in Libra,” This placement hates butting heads and would rather be peaceful. “Mars in Libra tends to go with the flow and not take change unless pushed,” It’s all about balance.

That stability translates into the bedroom as well. “The erogenous zones that turn you on the most are your derriere and head — which is why you like to add light spanking and gentle hair pulling to your sexual delights,”



If your Mars is in Scorpio, you’re not to be messed with. “Mars in Scorpio carries out duties and tasks with power and relentlessness. You also use your intuition to win at all costs.”

You’re also a relentless seducer. “An evening in bed with you won’t be forgotten,”  “What really gets you going is intense foreplay.”

For Mars in another sign, click HERE.


Master is traveling, again. Full Moon tonight.

Photo: dievca NYC full Moon on the eve of Scorpio. Shake your wallet.

The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.”
― carl sandburg


Wearing your Sign~

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It’s coming up…dievca’s House:

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 This is true:

Quem não se comunica se trumbica: December 3rd to 22nd, 2017

Take Care!

The idiom: Quem não se comunica se trumbica
Literal translation: “He who doesn’t communicate, gets his fingers burnt.”
What it means: “He who doesn’t communicate gets into trouble.”’

Photo: dievca Dec. 3rd: Lingua Franca Cashmere Sweater

December 3rd, mental Mercury—the ruler of chatty Gemini—launches into one last retrograde backspin in 2017, which will last until December 22. Take all the Mercury retrograde precautions: from backing up data and devices, to triple-confirming reservations, to booking a quick Airbnb instead of staying in your S.O.’s childhood bedroom with the creaky floors and passive-aggressive parents down the hall.

From December 3 to 22, Mercury will be retrograde, which could foil technology, communication and travel—just when you REALLY need these things to go off without a hitch. And it might feel like a double whammy, because Mercury is backtracking through Sagittarius and your interpersonal third house, increasing the likelihood that you’ll feel wildly misunderstood this month.

That said, be careful what you wish for. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, will go retrograde from December 3 to 22, scrambling signals.

Bonecrushing….Astrology vs. Astronomy

libra-swimsuit-bottomdievca is a LIBRA, or so she thought.
All those years of great horoscopes…
down the toilet.


Per LiveScience.com:

It’s a great conversation starter: “What’s your sign?” But before you ask or answer that question, consider this: Your zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the sun relative to constellations as they appeared more 2,200 years ago! The science behind astrology may have its roots in astronomy but don’t confuse these two disciplines. Astronomy can explain the position of the stars in the sky but it’s up to you to determine what, if anything, their alignment signifies. In short, as you’ll see below, your zodiac sign is not what you think it is, and your corresponding horoscope can’t be right. [Read: Wobbly Earth Means Your Horoscope Is Wrong]

Here’s a table showing what the current Astrological dates are for your Sign and what the Astronomical dates are…they don’t really correspond and in fact they add a “new” sign Ophiuchus.

Doesn’t matter, dievca doesn’t want to give up her Libra status, Virgo – the virgin, doesn’t look too enticing. she was there many years ago and it was painful.

What do you think?

TODAY (c. 2000 C.E.)
Constellation Date Span Days Constellation Date Span Days
Aries 21 Mar – 19 Apr 30 Aries 19 Apr – 13 May 25
Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May 31 Taurus 14 May – 19 Jun 37
Gemini 21 May – 20 Jun 31 Gemini 20 Jun – 20 Jul 31
Cancer 21 Jun – 22 Jul 32 Cancer 21 Jul – 9 Aug 20
Leo 23 Jul – 22 Aug 31 Leo 10 Aug – 15 Sep 37
Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep 31 Virgo 16 Sep – 30 Oct 45
Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct 30 Libra 31 Oct – 22 Nov 23
Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov 30 Scorpius 23 Nov – 29 Nov 7
Ophiuchus 30 Nov – 17 Dec 18
Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec 30 Sagittarius 18 Dec – 18 Jan 32
Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan 29 Capricornus 19 Jan – 15 Feb 28
Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb 30 Aquarius 16 Feb – 3/11 24-25
Pisces 19 Feb – 20 Mar 30-31 Pisces 12 Mar – 18 Apr 38



My God, even my Horoscope?

quote be careful how friendsWhat is Life telling me?

I’ve been pondering relationships and friendships. I haven’t lost/dropped a friend since High School. I’ve been looking at who is healthy for me or not….and I get this in my e-mail.

A female friend may appear to be upset with you, dievca, and might not be inclined to admit it. If you ask what’s wrong, she’ll probably say “nothing.” There’s nothing you can do but use your intuition, deduce what’s bothering her and then try to make it up to her in some way. However, you might want to re-evaluate your friendship with this person. She’s probably too uncommunicative. The term “acquaintance” might suit her better than friend.


Is God talking to me?

quote When you realize friends

I wonder.