the river slides by
silky, sexy

much like the sweat
enveloping my body

moisture rise

leaving a sheen

Photo: dievca, Delaware River 07/2020

5:43 am

dievca has been welcoming the dawn with coffee and stretching on the rooftop.
Early was best to beat the heat and get out of the AC.
This morning is offering rain…
50/50 chance at 5:43 am (sunrise).

Ah, well, maybe dievca will get lucky.

Good Morning!

Breathe Deep: a rare Morning treat

The heat in the City is moist and heavy.
A rare morning off offered coffee and a breeze on the rooftop.
The haze over the city muffled it into silence.
Time slowed.

Photos: dievca 07/2019 NYC


What to do in the European heat?

Temperatures in Europe are spiking.

“Warm Out?” … “Shut Up!”

After a long week of work, what do you do?
You head to friends and sit in the brown garden.

Take a beer and have “build your own” tacos.
Life is good with friends.
(yes, it was a light beer to start….the Czech beer was better)

PS. dievca’s hair looks like that popcorn~

Sommar Heat – Scandinavia


Photos: dievca 07/2018 Scandinavia


Trying something NEW!

dievca is still working on beating the heat and that calls for Iced Coffee in the morning.
dievca is trying out a Growler of coffee from Gregorys Coffee NYC…
She’ll let you know!


Sizzling Sunday

Photo: dievca NYC, Full Moon and Sunrise 06/2018

What does one wear when its melting outside?
When you can hear an egg sizzle on the sidewalk?

If you know, let dievca know.
She’s trying to beat the heat.

dievca is going with the lightest, most breathable fabrics she can find.
Starting her day naked, waking up surrounded by 100% linen bedding.

Macys Hotel Collection White and Natural linen bedding

After that dievca has been (links will show you):

In the end, all she really wants to do is:

Getty Images: Run though the Sprinkler

And Master? He’s cooling it on the West Coast for Sunday~ sitting in the 70’s (around 24 C)

NYC is going to be 100 F (38 C) and add 48% humidity, feels like 115 F (46 C)

Charming Wolf — Summer Gauze for Master

dievca is heading home to the humid and hot City.  she’s been wearing a borrowed down jacket and will need to strip before exiting the plane.

dievca is always looking for pieces to beat the heat with Summer in the City. Cotton gauze is a fabric which speaks to her clearly and this brand looks to offer some lovely pieces — though the matching bloomers made dievca laugh.

she wonders what Master might think about them~


Loup Charmant (which means charming wolf) is the soft separates brand launched in 2006 by designer Kee Edwards. Each piece is geared for all-day, everyday wear, through diaphanous fabrics and feminine lines.
Available at Matches Fashion.
dievca will just dream and stick to her Garnet Hill standby:

Garnet Hill Cotton Gauze Cover-Up Navy

The break in relentless…

Before the rain by Angéla VicedominiHumidity so thick you could cut it
Heat Index running in the red
Out of the shower and soaked in sweat
It’s a doozy of a day.

There is a breeze, it doesn’t do much
If we were at the beach it would be lovely
We’re not

A set of clouds roll in.
The temperature doesn’t drop with the clouds hiding the sun.
But, it happens
A Summer Heat shower

The Heat Advisory is cut
The Air Quality Alert drops
For just a moment

Then the relentless heat builds, again

(Photo: Before the rain by Angéla Vicedomini)

Beat the Heat!

dievca found her summer solution for traipsing around the HOT city.
With option for sunbathing!
she thinks it’s going to be her “go to” outfit.
Tested Memorial Day weekend with friends, 90F.
Do you think Master will like it?

“Some ice cream, please~”


A little something from Crete, though it was cool that day.
It’s better for the weather here in NYC, 29.4 Celsius (85F) as I write…
Either way, the girl is adorable and sassy—kinda like dievca.


Photos: dievca 2016 Crete

Sweat and Cicadas

I can hear them outside of my window, over the sounds of traffic.
The Cicadas singing their mating song in the Summer heat.

Sweat drips between my breasts.

Frogtied KneelingI tilt my head back and try to catch the nonexistent breeze from the window. The sweat is wetting my hair and gathering at my Collar. It continues to flow with gravity. Moisture is pooling around my armpits and along my arms where they are touching my body.  Another pool of sweat slicks between my inner thighs and behind my knees as I kneel with my ankles connected to my wrists.  The cuffs, themselves, are wet.

Sweat continues to bead along my upper lip as I wait in silence, only broken by the Cicada’s song.

If I am a lucky dievca, my Master will come to lick the sweat off my body and use me as he sees fit.

The Cicadas sing on.

Cicadas sing most actively in hot weather and do their most spirited singing during the hotter hours of a summer day, in a roughly 24 hour cycle. 

Hot time! Summer in the City!

A woman cools off in an open fire hydrant

Sweat pouring in the Subway.
Concrete adding to the heat.
Waiting for a breeze.
Looking for relief.

Hot time!
Summer in the City.

Sing with me~
It’s hotter than a match head.

♥ Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City

Forever Summer

It has been so hot
Drift with me
Float softly
In the cool shallows

Place Your hand
Anywhere it chooses
My body is for Your pleasure
And the water is divine

May I touch You
Dance my fingers along Your body
Cup Your length
Gently play

Push my head
Where You want my mouth to go
Your pleasure is mine
In this Forever Summer


Photo: Karin Rosenthal - Ethereal Couple 1995