Sliding into Sunday

Because dievca has been sick – she has a lot of catching up to do around the apartment.

The good news is that she woke up at 5 am, raring to go!

A little Booker T. to get her (and you) sliding into this Sunny and Chilly NYC Autumn Sunday. XO

According to Booker T. Jones, the composition was originally to be called “Funky Onions”, but the sister of Jim Stewart thought it “sounded like a cuss word”; it was therefore renamed “Green Onions”.

Peel and Stick Chalkboard – something of use

Kay Bojesen Flodhesten (Hippo) Denmark

No, the Chalk Hippo (Flodhesten) is not the ‘something useful’ item, but its the way dievca stores her chalk – and is much cuter looking than a sticker.

Here’s the useful item:

Rather than creating shopping lists on paper, dievca keeps a running tally of items to buy on her stick-on chalkboard. When it comes time to shop, a quick photo taken with her phone brings the list to the store. No looking for random slips of paper at the bottom of a shopping bag…

Wipe down the chalkboard and start again!
Or leave a sexy message for your Sir / Madame.

(Yes, the chalkboard peels off safely if you need to move it.)

Now back to the cute hippo:

In 1955, when Kay Bojesen transported the square Hippo from the waterhole on the Savannah to the Danish design scene, it was the fourth in a series of exotic animals, which also includes The Monkey, The Bear and The Elephant. Demand for more animals from “the jungle book” was enormous, but as always, Kay Bojesen followed his own path, creating a design that was unlike the others. Gone were The Monkey’s long, elegant lines and flexible joints – instead, Kay Bojesen introduced a delightfully angular behemoth with a moveable jaw who charmingly holds a pencil in its mouth.

As such, The Hippo is the only one of Kay Bojesen’s wooden animals that actually serves a function, and with the arrival of this chalkboard big brother, that functionality is expanded even more, while at the same time bringing The Hippo back to its original painted look.

“You missed a spot”

dievca grew up washing the interior windows of her house, weekly.
she’s good~
So, Master asked for help with cleaning His windows as a present
It’s a two-man…uh…one Dom and one sub job.
Maybe dievca can show Master her pipe-cleaning skills, too.

here’s a little window cleaning fun: