Hudson Yard-henge

Photo: dievca Hudson River NYC 07/2021

Hope in the City

From the train
it’s a city of roses
and rose keepers,
bald men in spectacles
and torn shirts.
There are miles of roses
in Elizabeth, New Jersey,

backyard arbors
shadowed by refineries
and the turnpike,
jungles of scrap,
still brown water, and poisoned marsh.

None of this matters
to the rose keepers of Elizabeth.
From the backyards of row houses
they bring forth pink roses, yellow roses
and around a house on its own
green plot, a hedge of roses, in red and white.

Surely faith and charity
are fine, but the greatest of these
is roses.

— "Hope in Elizabeth" by Kathleen Norris, for more see Little Girls in Church20210518_081443
Photos: dievca, Hudson River Park 05/2021

Smell the blossoms – or not…

It’s hard to know when the blossoms burst and you cannot smell them because of your mask.
Normally, dievca can smell them while riding her bike past the Hudson River Walk.
If you make a point of stopping and take off your mask – they smell divine!

Hazards of the Concrete Jungle

NYC Autumn Morning

Photos: dievca NYC 10/2020

Autumn, New York, 1999

Patricia Spears Jones

And I am full of worry I wrote to a friend
Worry, she replied about what—love, money, health?

All of them, I wrote back. It’s autumn, the air is clear
and you hear death music—the rattle of leaves swirling

the midnight cat howling, a newborn baby’s 3 am
call for food or help or heart’s love

At the market, the green, red and yellow apples are piled high,
sweet perfume—once, I went apple picking in Massachusetts

a day of thralling beauty, my companions and I
had no desire to leave the valley—the plump trees,

the fierce pride of small town New England where a gift shop
exploded gingham, calico, silly stuffed toys

we stood within this shrine to cloying femininity of entwined hearts
and ribbons and bows like invading aliens, fascinated and appalled

and here too, people throng around the dahlias—
the last of the bright fat flowers. Open. Scentless.

It is going to be a very hard winter and we all know it in our bones
an almost atavistic memory with instruction—wear heavy clothes
horde food, drink water, stand against the wind


Copyright © 2010 by Patricia Spears Jones. From Painkiller (Tia Cucha Press, 2010).

Between dusk and the dawn….

summer heat abates
zephyrs cross the window sash
darkness settles the spirit
until the new day

Photos: dievca, NYC 08/2020

April Showers in COVID-19 NYC

Seen on the way:

  • One sad male young adult in cotton shorts and t-shirt soaked
  • One fit female runner in matching bra and leggings with pink Beat headphones
  • One millennial dog owner with a Husky mix the female runner kept admiring
  • Four soaked Navy Corpsmen in shorts and masks running back to the USNS Comfort
  • One dievca always prepared in a huge raincoat.

Vetements Libra Raincoat

Photos: dievca Hudson River 04/2020

Take a breath, savor the day, know you live.

Photo: dievca – Sunset on the Hudson 04/2020

If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.

~Gilbert K. Chesterton

Reduction by 1/3 – something of use – Kitchen Composting

Something of use – the OXO Good Grips Kitchen Compost Bin and the Hudson River Park composting stations. dievca started collecting and dropping her food scraps for compost this year and her throw-away garbage has diminished by at least 1/3. Plus the 10 minute walks to the river to drop the food waste gives her a moment to just “be”.


A conveniently-sized OXO Good Grips Compost Bin holds your food scraps until they can be transferred to your outdoor composter.

  • The simple design makes it perfect for everyday counter-top use
  • The lid flips up with one hand for easy filling and flips down tightly to lock-in odors
  • The ergonomic design ensures that this compost bin is easy to carry, easy to empty and easy to clean
  • Made of plastic
  • Holds up to 3/4 gallon
  • Measures 7-3/4″ x 7-310″ x 7-3/5″
  • Weighs only 1.4 lb.
  • Dishwasher safe

Click photo to buy at Bed, Bath and Beyond $19.99


In 2015, Hudson River Park began composting horticulture waste, including grass clippings and pruned tree material to help green the Park and support NYC’s zero waste by 2030 goal.  This project was made possible by Hudson River Park Friends who procured an automated composter with the generous support of donor Chris Fiore and L Brands Inc.

On June 12, 2017 the Park expanded its composting efforts and launched our Community Compost Program in partnership with NYC’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) and Council Member Corey Johnson. Now at seven locations throughout the Park community members can drop off their food scraps from 7am-7pm daily.  The Park mixes these food scraps with the Park’s horticulture waste to make healthy compost that then enriches our plant beds and trees to help the Park flourish.

In 2018, HRPK turned nearly 420,000 pounds of organic waste into compost. HRPK employees and community members were educated at workshops, volunteer events and public programming, including the Park’s first annual Pumpkin Smash, to encourage best practices in composting.

dievca believes that every little effort for recycling, upcycling and re-using will add up. Composting is a simple and happy addition to her efforts in the City. Maybe you will find that composting works into your World, too.


Last Roses of Summer

Summer hasn’t quite finished in NYC.
The leaves haven’t turned.
Perennials are still blooming.
The Roses are having their last hurrah.

Photo: dievca - Hudson River NYC 10/2019

Breathe Deep: a rare Morning treat

The heat in the City is moist and heavy.
A rare morning off offered coffee and a breeze on the rooftop.
The haze over the city muffled it into silence.
Time slowed.

Photos: dievca 07/2019 NYC


a breath before the Season Finale

Photo: dievca Chelsea NYC

Eye on the City

Photos: dievca’s meandering in NYC Spring 2019


Good Morning!

Photo: dievca 09/2018 Hudson River

Some things are worth the cost. XO

What to wear…killed the moment

So dievca bought a dress, in the Fall, from a Canadian designer, Eliza Faulkner – she had seen someone in the dress during NYC fashion week and loved it.
It’s cotton and great for warmer weather.
And then Melania Trump made a speech on Bullying – wearing a $3000 hot pink dress. Killed dievca’s desire to wear the dress…but she needs a dress for a Gala this evening and she is digging through the closet.

Weather: 63 F to 82 F, partly cloudy, will be on a boat – breezy. Evening.

Here are some of the choices (click on an item for greater detail):


The two darker green dresses are of heavier material, the pink and the light blue are 100% cotton, the red is silk, the light green is a cotton/poly blend, the Missoni is a mix of wool, silk, poly – etc. All are lined. I have shoes for them all and coats/jackets. Hair up or it will blow everywhere~

If you can give dievca some input, she would greatly appreciate it. dievca is uncharacteristically at a loss. Her brain is fried~

Double the view!

What is seen in the front, reflects in the back.
Kinda like Boobs and an A**.


NYC traffic isn’t only on the streets….

On one of those gorgeous Summer Days in the City with the temperature around 80F (27C) and low humidity. (Why dievca lives in NYC)

dievca took a break to watch the World roll by on the Hudson River.

It was beautiful, but what really made her smile was that the River has traffic, too. Can’t get away from it. In a 10 minute period, dievca got 4 helicopters, 3+ ferries, a cruise ship, a tug, some pleasure boats, 5 sailboats (in a row – sailing school?), a barge, etc. she decided to take pictures after 5 minutes in and here’s what she got~ Enjoy!

PS. she didn’t realize that Master owned a tugboat – until she saw His mark.

Photos: dievca, Hudson River 08/2017

Being a stinker….(just don’t get yourself killed)

New Jersey Transit is currently a mess.
New Jersey Drivers are dangerous.

Because New Jersey Transit is a mess, there are more people from New Jersey driving in NYC.

As a biker…this affects dievca, directly.

One morning, dievca almost got hit by a NJ driver who had stepped on the gas through a changing light…and tried to swipe her instead of going into the other lane. Then proceeded to yell out his window that what dievca was doing was illegal (mind you the cops directing traffic see dievca riding her bike to work multiple times a day and know that she is hyper-aware – plus she follows the rules of the road, treating her bike as a vehicle).

dievca, in her stupidity,  pedaled hard next to his car and yelled back through his window,
“If you cannot afford to live in the City, don’t drive in the City”.

she has been dying to say that to one of the idiotic NJ drivers for a long time.
His reply was lost at the West Side Highway crossing…

All smug, dievca moved on to the Hudson River Pathway….

and managed to swallow a bug.

Charlotte Olympia Creepy Crawly Keychain Coin Purse

A fitting ending for an ignoramus.

(Really, arguing with a NJ driver – who won’t get it and is stuck driving into the City because the NJ Transit is a mess and dievca setting herself up to do something stupid or get killed is not the smartest thing she has done in her Life….the bug proved that. But honest to goodness, it felt good to say that snarky comment for 5 seconds at 5:30 am before she ate the bug.)

PS. A little extra protein in Life never hurts.

Spring Blossoms

Bee to the blossom,
moth to the flame;
Each to his passion;
what’s in a name?
~Helen Hunt Jackson

Photos: dievca 04/2017
The smell of the Blossoms catch dievca each Spring. she has to stop and take a moment to immerse herself in the Joy.

May dievca share something?


Sunsets are Nature’s Gift of Peace for the Day.

Photo: dievca 11/2016 Hudson River (trying to capture the color on a phone)

the wind, she whips

the wind, she whips
pulls me astray

tossing, tugging
in disarray

pressure, gathers
clear bikeway

forcing, flying
a firm backstay

easing, the work
of my long day

The first day of Autumn weather arrived with strong westerly winds assisting my ride home. Tempestuous and furious – I loved every minute of the ride on an empty bike path.

Photos: dievca- Hudson River 10/2016

see what i see

NYC Greenway Bike PathsMost days, dievca rides her bike to work. Battling traffic until she can get to the Hudson River Greenway. Then she is home free unless there are Weekend Warriors feeling their oats and wearing their Tour de France lycra. Or the runners deciding to use the whole bike path instead of running where they are supposed to~

But it is beautiful to see the water, plus this special flower greets dievca’s bike and wandering mind:

 Red and Pink Hardy Hibiscus  (they are HUGE!):

Photos: dievca - Hudson River Greenway Summer 2015

Sunset: A Quick Drink on the Hudson

Sunset Moon

Photo: dievca Hudson River Moon

A quick drink on the River to close out the Summer.
NYC has been very warm —
so dievca went with a last Summer Look:

Dozei Ditsy-Border Print Dress

Dozei Ditsy-Border Print Dress

FALIERO SARTI Zodiac Silk Cotton Scarf Loop

FALIERO SARTI Zodiac Silk Cotton Scarf Loop

Gap Navy Leather Flip Flops

Gap Navy Leather Flip Flops

Unearthen-Jewelry Titanium Crystal

Unearthen Jewelry Titanium Crystal

Unearthen-Jewelry Aura-Blue-Crystal-Unearthen-Jewelry

Unearthen Jewelry Aura Blue Crystal

Liebeskind Lora Leather Backpack L Navy

Liebeskind Lora Leather Backpack Navy

Written in dievca’s down coat~


Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.
~Doug Larson

dievca froze her bum off this evening.
There was a windchill factor by the river…
when she walked home.
dievca hasn’t taken her down coat off, yet~

Isn’t it supposed to be Spring?

Photo: dievca 04/23/2015

7 am – 3 pm: The difference 6 hours can make…..


It snowed, once again, here in NYC.
Here is what dievca wrote Master about it:

“Even though I’m tired of it….
I still find delight in watching it….”

And what happened in less than 6 hours~


Hudson River Walk: 7 am


Hudson River Walk: 1 pm

Photos: dievca 03/21/2015