Halloween Hardware

A leather “lookbook” for your Halloween Bondage needs!

Just so we are all on the same page.

Good Morning, Good Week, Safe BDSM.

Anyone else do too many chores this weekend?

As today is the first Monday in October, it is National Consignment Day. The new holiday celebrates consignment as the smart, sustainable way to shop, earn money and extend the lifecycle of your items.

Right on time for dievca:

  • 26 items accepted to the RealReal
  • 4.5 bag loads sold at Buffalo Exchange
  • 5 bag loads donated to Goodwill
  • 8 items listed on eBay


  • Floors vacuumed and wiped
  • Bathroom heavy clean
  • Laundry loads
  • Pantry clearance and wipe down

Now, coffee!

Vintage 1984 coffee mug
(check the photo to buy)

Good Morning!


Master? Mistress? or coffee?

The Morning Coffee response….

click photo to purchase cup

…to the Chicago Cubs.
Have a better week!

Nicola INDELICATO exploring Men’s Lingerie

The touch of refined materials gave birth to unknown, previously unexplored sexual desires and a craving apetite for male body exploration.

(click on a style to enlarge it)

Nicola Indelicato = graphic styles that are both humorous and overtly sexual, perhaps with the extra removable cock ring as needed.

After finalizing his MA in fashion design in Florence at Polimoda, where he also shares his experience as a design teacher, Nicola Indelicato got trained at Vivienne Westwood and gained significant experience at the Italian fashion house, Roberto Cavalli. Combining cultural, applying fast sex – and testosterone elements in combination with the confrontation of historical living forms of the Italian Renaissance give him roots in Italian tailoring of oversized silhouettes and innovative cuts with the sensitivity of molding fabrics.

Who are you?

Comic by Tommy Siegel, click comic to link to his Instagram of 500 comics

Good Morning!