You might want to try it~

Icicles Gold Elegant Bulb Glass Tailed Butt Plug

(Icicles Gold Glass Butt Plug with Tail)

Master hasn’t really been a Dom interested in orgasm denial.  dievca thinks it has something to do with her capabilities to offer multiple orgasms and being able to orgasm on command.  He knows that he has control, already.

So when He and dievca are separated for any length of time, dievca will ask for permission to take care of  herself and permission is granted easily.  This time, Master added a suggestion, “dievca, try masturbating with an anal plug inserted.”

Umm, can dievca just say, “Wow!”

dievca is clearing though her “drafts” (100+) and this was from a long time ago.  dievca has since taken Master’s advice on multiple occasions. May she suggest His suggestion for you?

It’s always good to share something pleasurable. XO