Master is helping his daughter move…

He’s Grumpy!
After the move Master is taking on IKEA bookshelf build detail:

dievca is just so entertained with the thought.
IKEA was a “Defining Moment” in Master and dievca’s Relationship.
(When dievca and Master survived an IKEA piece)

When Master and dievca survived an IKEA piece~

In the very early days of their relationship, dievca and Master put together a piece of IKEA furniture.  It was something for Master’s living room before he decided to hire a decorator. The desk/side table was used for one week before being given to a friend.

The process cemented the beginning of dievca and Master’s friendship.
Not their D/s relationship.

dievca is very spatially-oriented. she did a lot of house repairs with her Father and has refurbished a number of antiques .

Master is more cerebral. He has the basic skills for maintaining a home properly, but no real desire to putter around tools. He would prefer to hire someone to do those items.

Enter the IKEA Bestå Burs desk:

IKEA Bestå Burs desk

The TEST PIECE: an IKEA Bestå Burs desk

Master was going to hire someone to assemble it on Craig’s List.
dievca said, “We can do it!”

So, they took one afternoon to open the package, count the pieces and put the side table together.  All was going well until dievca flipped one of the drawer’s sidewall the wrong way. she caught the problem early, but the piece needed to be pulled apart.  It turned out to be stubborn and stuck firmly…so dievca set it up so Master could step on the piece for leverage and use his arms/shoulder strength to separate the drawer pieces. Good idea until Master slipped back and stepped in the middle of the piece. It snapped in two after it popped undone.

And dievca learned that her Master has a bit of a temper~ she was impressed with verbal outpouring.

After the “cool down”…dievca and Master put their heads together and figured out how to save the situation.
Wood Glue and Duct Tape!

Master ran out to get wood glue, while dievca put the rest of the pieces put together.  He was able to glue the sidewall back together and then use duct tape to make sure it stayed firm. The duct tape did not interfere with the drawers rolling action and was not visible. SUCCESS!

The experience taught Master and dievca how each other works on a project, what their irritation thresholds look like, what their tempers look like and how they work together as a team. The verdict? — those who can IKEA together, hang together.

What prompted this post?

NY Magazine: The Cut — IKEA

So, what was your experience with IKEA furniture? XO