Santa Fe – dievca style

dievca had two days in Santa Fe to wander the downtown area. she was having a foot issue after walking the trails in Sedona, so her choices were driven by shoes:

Outfit #1 – Museums and Shopping

Outfit #2 – Dinner and Music

dievca bought the red sneakers and two other items:


Golightly Cashmere Rainbow Oversized Scarf $405 modelNew Mexico Red Tee

  • Golightly Cashmere (Designed and Made in Santa Fe) Rainbow Wrap
  • New Mexico Flag Red T-shirt

dievca’s Holiday wishlist

Do you have a wishlist this year?
dievca does~
Sky’s the limit on a couple of items. XO

(click on the photos for links to purchase)

FarFetch Pomellato 18K Chainlink Bracelet $23,000

N. Peal Cashmere Ribbed Gloves FarFetch $88

Alice + Olivia Julian Paisley Oversized Puffer $795

Ivy Park Adidas Three Stripe Green Beanie – price varies StockXX around $40

Closed Italian Wool Fabric Coat Archive Blue $565

Oh! Ball Foot Massager $35

Herno Blue Fur Puffy Jacket on sale $466 FarFetched

Julian Snelling Red Crystal Buttplug 49 Euro

Moschino Prince of Wales Plaid Coat with Bleached Flowers $1260

Paco Rabanne Peter Saville Lose Yourself Tee on sale $144 Net-A-Porter

Uniqlo Cashmere Knit Beanie Dark Brown $29.90

Planet E Mesh Produce Bag $13.99 Amazon

SPINELLI KILCOLLIN Daphnie Ring $569 Matches Fashion

Tory Burch bandana towel green on sale $99 at Tory Burch

Trader Joes almond butter $15.99 at Amazon

RooTote Woodstock Sleeping Deli Bag – unknown, lurk on resale sites…

Celine High Neck 100% Cashmere Sweater 1980 Euros Grey

Ganni recycled rubber Wellies $245 out-of-stock lurk on resale sites

Peter Do Mixed Media Silver Chains Choker $675

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive. (repost)

My first post on WordPress Sept. 27th, 2013

I still have and wear the cuff.
Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

A cuff to remind me that I am Master’s dievca. The weight, the feel, the look is a quiet nod to my submission. Can you see the cuff with a white t-shirt and jeans? A little black dress? Adding edge to something flowy and romantic?

dievca’s disasters: Standing out in a Crowd

Stand out in a crowd.dievca used to take a ferry to work with the Wall Street crowd. She was the Macaw amongst the Crows. A brightly colored rainbow dancing through the 6 am set of seriousness. she was noticed for her differences, some people appreciated the radiance others looked at her with askance. dievca didn’t care, what she was wearing worked for her needs and joy.

Enter Master. Now dievca is dressing for someone else as well as herself. Master is very open to what dievca wears, he loves color and insists on something that allows dievca to look feminine and present as a Lady.

dievca keeps up with trends but prefers to add her own twist to dressing.  she dresses for her body type.  she ran into a raw moment at a rooftop bar in the Garment District.

dievca chose the bar because it looked to be a more casual venue. When she arrived there was a separate elevator dedicated to the space and two bouncers insisting that she needed reservations. (Really? at 4:45 pm on a partly cloudy Saturday?) They sent her up and the hostess was very gracious and found her a table on the only half-filled rooftop.
“All the outdoor tables are reserved, but we can squeeze you in.”

After getting settled, dievca took a look around at the other patrons. A mixed bag of ages — but a similarity in dressing.   Sorority Sisters table – snooze. Asian Grouping – Babydoll?.  Flowing crepe Maxis/Tops. One black long sleeve dress, tailored with white collar and cuffs – in this heat? Points for being different.  Everything dievca would look pregnant in, ridiculous or fade into the woodwork.  The only other people dievca was interested in was a Lady channeling Rick James with big hair, a brightly colored tapestry pattern bodycon dress and a vintage 80’s jacket over it. The hostess had a minimalist Calvin Klein (Eileen Fisher) vibe going with slick backed hair. The waitresses were dressed in ivory and one had on a sleeveless fit and flare daisy lace floral pattern, low ponytail.

Many people seemed to be trying too hard to be “cool”. Uhh, hello, relax, it’s just a bar.

Now, as dievca is being critical — people were probably dishing it out on her.  she knows that she was getting looks from the Male patrons, but, they may have been strange looks. dievca dressed to show-off one of Master’s gifts – an amber necklace.Amber-pendant-necklace-Poland-heritage-crafts-handmade-gifts-unique-jewellery-Viking

So, dievca chose a summer peasant dress. Cotton, fitted bodice, lots of skirt. Wild curly hair, Marni high-heeled sandals to ground the dress. 3.1 Philip Lim green suede bag.

Chelsea & Theodore Paisley Peasant Dress

Marni Grey Brown Leather Wooden Heels phillip limGreenCameraBagSuede






And she felt good which always makes you look better, right?

A l’Elysee Montmartre painted by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in 1888

When Master finally weighed in (He tries to be diplomatic.) He said, “Too much fabric in the skirt”.
OK. dievca may have looked like something from Rigoletto or Carmen.

rigoletto costume Frances from Polka Polish Blog RIGOLETTO_Surguladze_as_Maddalena_METVancouver Opera carmen rinatSykorova_Carmen Prague State Opera












Sigh, if you are going to buck the trends and walk to the beat of a different drummer. Go down BIG!

OR Stand Out in the Crowd~

Spencer Tunick standing out in a crowd.

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

Eddie Borgo creates beauty for the submissive.

A cuff to remind me that I am Master’s dievca. The weight, the feel, the look is a quiet nod to my submission. Can you see the cuff with a white t-shirt and jeans? A little black dress? Adding edge to something flowy and romantic?