A Gala Tap Dance – 2017

I couldn’t find the dress…literally…not-in-my-closet.
Shit. (F*ck me)

I know, I know – everyone is running around hectic for the season.
I just hate when I have a game plan in mind and things go South.
Especially when the timeline is tight.

It was 5:15 am, I was going to have a hell of a day~I didn’t need this.
I should have gathered everything the night before…

And then something brilliant happened.

I ran into a dress I bought 12 years ago in Columbus Circle:

Wrinkles from me taking a photo the next day after wearing it.

Split bell sleeves

  • Blair Delmonico (stored closed, but the brand still makes jewelry)
  • Steel Blue/Green Silk Satin
  • Drawstring collar
  • Very Large Bell-Sleeves with wrist to shoulder slits
  • Elastic waist.
  • I didn’t use the grey sash.

Nice – the cut is totally in and it’s not black. Easy to wear – bonus.


  • Maison Martin Margiela Gold Metal Belt, made of brass
  • John Galliano Navy/Green/Gold platform heels
  • Gold Box Clutch
  • Green/Blue Drop Earrings


We have a last-minute outfit! And something different from the rest of the crowd.
I felt Great!

Thank goodness that people didn’t notice I had 3rd day straightened hair, make-up put on over the full day’s make-up, no shower after a workout, all because I managed to lose my phone and had to spend the time I would have used to get ready, to find-the-damn-phone.

Doesn’t matter…the event? I slayed it!

All with a little tap dancing at 5 am that morning.

Master was impressed.
BTW, I found the phone.
(And, yes, I will keep the dress for another 12 years re-appearance~)

Fantasy Presentation Outfits: Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela John Galliano 2014PASSAGE # 15. ENSEMBLE: Négligée by the Soeurs Callot (c.1915 – c.1920) and skirt cut from the tapestry “Le Remailleur de filet” by Robert Debieve, produced by Corot (c.1950). Production time: 21 hours for the skirt / Tapestry sourced in Paris, France, négligée by the Soeurs Callot sourced in Brussels, Belgium – private collection, silkscreened cotton twill, jacquard in silk and gold thread.

Maison Martin Margiela John Galliano 2014 #2

Yes, worn by Marion Cotillard at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, but still quite unique.


Or…the only dress dievca really liked from the Maison Margiela 2015 John Galliano Show.

Maison Margiela John Galliano Dress 2015

Diversity, dievca, Diversity!