Finding Luck

ladybugThe Cubs were down 3 games to 1. dievca was coming home from work on  Sunday and stopped for a coffee. she had her lucky t-shirt on, but a little visitor decided to land on her for additional help.

The Coccinellidae is a small beetle that helps farmer’s control agricultural pests. Know as the “Ladybird” in the UK from “Our Lady’s Bird” and  “Marienkäfer” in German —  Americans call it a “Ladybug“.

When it lands on you, it means Good Luck!  The girl at the coffee shop said, “You have a Ladybug on you, do you want me to knock it off?”

“NO!” – dievca vehemently exhaled.  This little guy could carry her Cubs.  And it did!

dievca could only find two pieces of Couture clothing using a Ladybug motif:


Erdem Fall 2009


Moschino 1980’s

But she did find a lot of adorable items with Ladybugs:
ladybug-rain-gear ladybug-nail-art-1 ladybug-rubber-ducky ladybug-pin-up ladybug-ferret-costume ladybug-party ladybug-headphones ladybug-tot-costume ladybug-lamps ladybug-cookies ladybug-cake

dievca hopes you have a positive and lucky day!