A little “Slap and Tickle”.

Slap and Tickle

Slap and Tickle” is a British euphemism for light-hearted sexual activity or police brutality, but the phrase also refers to the funky style of bass guitar played by Harry Kakoulli on Squeeze’s track.

VIDEO ♥ SQUEEZE Slap And Tickle 2010 LiVe

dievca found a great wooden ruler at Master’s apartment.  Master had to explain to dievca that the ruler was not a play toy, but an antique after he found dievca thwapping it on her hand.

Abashed, dievca found some inexpensive play pieces from Coco de Mer to bring on the sting.

CocodeMer Measure Your Pleasure CocodeMer Hanky Panky ruler CocodeMer Enjoy Every Inch CocodeMer Teach Me a Lesson ruler CocodeMer Spank You Very Much
If you want to experience something softer  to take away the sting.
Perhaps a Feather Tickler would stir your imagination.

CocodeMer slap and tickle

Coco de Mer

Lelo Tantra Feather Tickler


Or even better … a little bit of both?