Welcome LIBRA and watch out for the Toadstools

THERE ‘s a thing that grows by the fainting flower,
And springs in the shade of the lady’s bower;
The lily shrinks, and the rose turns pale,
When they feel its breath in the summer gale,
And the tulip curls its leaves in pride,
And the blue-eyed violet starts aside;
But the lily may flaunt, and the tulip stare,
For what does the honest toadstool care?
She does not glow in a painted vest,
And she never blooms on the maiden’s breast;
But she comes, as the saintly sisters do,
In a modest suit of a Quaker hue.
And, when the stars in the evening skies
Are weeping dew from their gentle eyes,
The toad comes out from his hermit cell,
The tale of his faithful love to tell.

Oh, there is light in her lover’s glance,
That flies to her heart like a silver lance;
His breeches are made of spotted skin,
His jacket ‘is tight, and his pumps are thin;
In a cloudless night you may hear his song,
As its pensive melody floats along,
And, if you will look by the moonlight fair,
The trembling form of the toad is there.

And he twines his arms round her slender stem,
In the shade of her velvet diadem;
But she turns away in her maiden shame,
And will not breathe on the kindling flame;
He sings at her feet through the live-long night,
And creeps to his cave at the break of light;
And whenever he comes to the air above,
His throat is swelling with baffled love.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The last day of summer is also the same as the first day of fall: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Also known as the Autumnal Equinox and the fall equinox, the Autumn equinox occurs when the sun crosses the equator. According to The Farmer’s Almanac, both the Southern and Northern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunshine at this time, and day and night are of nearly equal length. The Northern Hemisphere will start seeing shorter days and longer nights, where the Southern Hemisphere will see a reversal in seasons due to the Earth’s tilt.

On the Autumn Equinox, the sun astrologically enters into the zodiac sign Libra. Her balanced scales mark the equal length of day and night on the first day of fall, as well as signify a need to balance the body, mind, and spirit with self-care.


The Harvest Moon will be on Monday, September 24. 10:53 pm Eastern Time (shake your wallet)

And coming back to those Toadstools that dievca photographed:

You know its been really wet in NYC when dievca rides past those very large Mushrooms or ‘Toadstools’. she thinks they are the poisonous Green-spoored Parasol…its a definite ‘no go’ to eat them no matter how much they look like a Portobello mushroom cap.

A quote from a mushroom web page composed by Tom Volk of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse describes the potential of this mushroom.  “According to Dennis Benjamin (Mushrooms: poisonings and panaceas, 1995, W.H. Freeman and Company, 422 pp.) ‘In some individuals the gastrointestinal syndrome, which occurs about 1 – 3 hours after the meal, can be very severe, especially the colicky abdominal pain, which can mimic that of a ‘surgical’ abdomen.  Symptoms persist for up to six hours, and even longer in a few patients.  Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea complete the picture.  The diarrhea can be explosive in nature and become bloody.’ 

Umm, yeah, a pass.

Welcome to LIBRA – dievca’s birth sign. XO

Bonecrushing….Astrology vs. Astronomy

libra-swimsuit-bottomdievca is a LIBRA, or so she thought.
All those years of great horoscopes…
down the toilet.


Per LiveScience.com:

It’s a great conversation starter: “What’s your sign?” But before you ask or answer that question, consider this: Your zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the sun relative to constellations as they appeared more 2,200 years ago! The science behind astrology may have its roots in astronomy but don’t confuse these two disciplines. Astronomy can explain the position of the stars in the sky but it’s up to you to determine what, if anything, their alignment signifies. In short, as you’ll see below, your zodiac sign is not what you think it is, and your corresponding horoscope can’t be right. [Read: Wobbly Earth Means Your Horoscope Is Wrong]

Here’s a table showing what the current Astrological dates are for your Sign and what the Astronomical dates are…they don’t really correspond and in fact they add a “new” sign Ophiuchus.

Doesn’t matter, dievca doesn’t want to give up her Libra status, Virgo – the virgin, doesn’t look too enticing. she was there many years ago and it was painful.

What do you think?

TODAY (c. 2000 C.E.)
Constellation Date Span Days Constellation Date Span Days
Aries 21 Mar – 19 Apr 30 Aries 19 Apr – 13 May 25
Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May 31 Taurus 14 May – 19 Jun 37
Gemini 21 May – 20 Jun 31 Gemini 20 Jun – 20 Jul 31
Cancer 21 Jun – 22 Jul 32 Cancer 21 Jul – 9 Aug 20
Leo 23 Jul – 22 Aug 31 Leo 10 Aug – 15 Sep 37
Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep 31 Virgo 16 Sep – 30 Oct 45
Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct 30 Libra 31 Oct – 22 Nov 23
Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov 30 Scorpius 23 Nov – 29 Nov 7
Ophiuchus 30 Nov – 17 Dec 18
Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec 30 Sagittarius 18 Dec – 18 Jan 32
Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan 29 Capricornus 19 Jan – 15 Feb 28
Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb 30 Aquarius 16 Feb – 3/11 24-25
Pisces 19 Feb – 20 Mar 30-31 Pisces 12 Mar – 18 Apr 38