Lingerie. (a poem)

PhysicistPhysicists are perverts. They keep
trying to peek under Mother
Nature’s dressing gown- asking
Her questions like “why
do electrons behave as both
particles and waves?”
when what they really want
to know is

if Mother Nature’s lingerie
is red or black, and which
she prefers to wear
on Fridays.

Tawanda Mulalu

A bit of fantasy ~ remember when

Starting in 1996, Victoria’s Secret set out to create the most expensive bras in the world. Encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones, these beautiful creations have been crafted with the help of the best jewelers in the world.

Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras usually only last for a year. Without a seller, they go back to the jeweler, where they’re dismantled. That hasn’t stopped them from taking over the imagination of millions. See the most expensive bras in the world.

Red Hot Fantasy Bra – $15 million:


Worn by Gisele Bündchen for the 2000 Victoria’s Secret show, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra was the most expensive ever made, but the price tag included the panty. Using 1,300 jemstones, international jewelry designer Mouawad created a stunning bra that truly earned it’s “Fantasy” name and included 300 carats of Thai rubies.

The Victoria’s Secret show ha long been a high-profile branding vehicle, a glossy commercial-meets-fashion fantasy in which supermodels strut down the rundway to pop star musical accompaniment. But ratings were declining. In Dec. 2018, the Done+Dusted-produced Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on ABC, which featured Shawn Mendes and Bebe Rexha, brought in 3.3 million viewers. That’s down from 6.7 million in 2016 and 9.7 million in 2013.

So the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the Fantasy Bra’s were canceled in 2019.

A Corset and Coffee

Corest and Coffee

~ Good Morning ~

Simple elegance in Latex

Coco de Mer Latex Dress

Coco de Mer Latex dress – no longer available.
But in the Autumn – the latex offerings come forward.

Taking a moment to regroup~

Alberto Vargas Reclining Woman In Lingerie Pinup Poster Vintage Print

what’s under the Michelin Lady look…

Nothing Special – Just Practicalities
(Elegance will be worn tomorrow)

Chantell Softstretch green

Chantelle Softstretch in Green 

Master/Mistress would You be willing…

to assist Your submissive with their corset?

All mixed up~

dievca is all turned around. Her parents do that to her – it all blends. she hasn’t missed her dental appointment or dinner with friends, but it came close. You have seen this in the blog….she did Lingerie on Wednesday. (yesterday) instead of Thursday. Click “yesterday” if you missed it.

Now dievca knows why her Mother is always asking her what day it is….no papers coming, dievca doesn’t watch TV and hasn’t been on the computer too much because there is weeding, sorting, gardening, cleaning, trips to the store, family visits and trying to include her Dad and Mom as much as possible (slow going). All is a blur.

We will see if she makes it to her flight – tomorrow? or maybe the day after. Argh! she better look.
Is dementia catchy? dievca feels short-term memory loss is just one of the signs of old age. she IS getting older in Libra.

Looking forward!

Graphic: Bill Randall "Lingerie Change"

Solace Found (part two)

Continued from yesterday.

Big picture - NYC SPF sunbathing

Greenwich Village Sunbathing: The Guardian

dievca made her way home from the Met Museum to sit in the sun on her fire escape, take a nap and relax.  she got up to hop in the shower and change for the rest of her full day.

What dievca wore:

Next on the agenda, a visit to Bard Graduate Center for an exhibition:
Fashion the Body: An Intimate History of the Silhouette
Running until July 26th, 2015.

The original show was offered at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris in 2013. Curated by Denis Bruna, curator of pre-19th-century fashion and textile collections at the Musée des Arts décoratifs and professor at the École du Louvre.

The showing was fantastic, well put together and it had a sense of humor. dievca can show you her photos from the first floor, until the security guards hollered at her.

One of the best exhibits was on the 2nd Floor (image swipped from the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas — as dievca couldn’t get a photo…), there were a line-up of mannequins showing changes in silhouettes throughout the decades.

mannequins showing changes in silhouettes  Bard Graduate Center bgc_0062

Click to access 16490.pdf

dievca took a walk over to Master’s apartment for dinner and extensive conversation. Master had been traveling for the past month.

A bottle of rosé bubbly was uncorked to celebrate Master’s travels, good health and dievca’s successful completion of the Winter/Spring season.  Salmon and rice pilaf were on the menu, finishing with watermelon.  A very low-key relaxed evening — geared towards closure and new beginnings. Gentle touching, more of a simple evening rather than a D/s evening.  Something Master sensed dievca needed desperately.

dievca found her solace.

Perhaps tacky, but dievca did it! DIY

Charlotte Olympia Flower Heels

Charlotte Olympia Bryony Flower Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandal

About a year ago, dievca mentioned that she was cleaning out her closets, eBaying items and limiting her purchases. (A DIY moment? Maybe….) Her amount of purchasing of clothing and accessories has diminished quite a bit this past year.  Probably, because her attention was diverted with Life emergencies and changes.  The pleasure of looking and shopping took a backseat to more important issues

As dievca has come up for air, she took a day for herself: to see the movie “Cinderella” in the Theatre with a girlfriend, got a mani/pedi, eBay-ed a backlog of items and completed a DIY shoe project she started last year.

Her DIY project was inspired by these Charlotte Olympia heels and her constraints were that she had to use a pair of shoes from her closet.

dievca cheated a little bit. she had helped her parents clear out their house and her Mom had a pair of ivory satin shoes exclusively made for Rosenthal’s Department Store. The shoes were dievca’s oldest Aunt’s wedding shoes in the 1930’s and worn heavily afterward. They fit dievca very well.

20140411_130212_resized 20140411_130219_resized 20140411_130238_resized


dievca brought them back to NYC and checked in with her favorite shoe repair shop.They said that they couldn’t clean them, nor could they dye them navy blue — but they could be dyed black.


The shoes looked great when they came back from their dye job and simple repairs.  So, good that dievca was indecisive about adding flowers. she dragged her heels until she did a spot test with rubber cement and hot glue.  The hot glue could be picked off the shoes without damage, so dievca could add her flowers and if she hated them – remove the flowers safely.

20150402_134423_resized_1 20150402_134448_resized

OK – dievca is not a glue gun demon…a small NYC apartments don’t offer a lot of space to work. 7 inches in front of a microwave on a glass cutting board is tricky. That said, here is dievca’s DIY offering for Spring.

20150403_131123_resized 20150403_131109_resizedHmmm, not so good. In fact….kinda “Tacky”, but fun.  dievca wore them for Easter and with a sprig of the leftover flowers in her tote bag.

The shoes were comfortable and held up well until she got to Master’s Apartment and then the piece which encased the heel of the foot pulled away from the sole. It can be repaired…but is it worth it?

So, dievca did her “Spring Goddess” presentation for Master without the shoes or stockings. She came to Him in bare feet, stained a little purple/blue from the shoe dye even after being washed….


H&M Coachella Hair Accessory

ICOLLECTION Purple Lace Chemise

ICOLLECTION Purple Lace Chemise



Gil Elvgren: All-American Woman, muses and paintings

In 1951, Modern Man magazine asked Gil Elvgren what he thought of American women. His answer was brilliantly rooted in his own time.

[They] are infinitely smarter today. They are more beautiful than ever before. They are more natural. They are not tying themselves in like they used to. And they are not looking like boys any more, thank God.

The Muse and the American Pin-Up Painting:

Gil Elvgren other 9 gil Elvgren-janet_2 gil elvgren-pin-ups16[3] Gil Elvgren other 7 Gil Elvgren other 6 Gil Elvgren other 5 Gil Elvgren other 4 Gil Elvgren other 3 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-07 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-08 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-10 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-11 Gil Elvgren classic-pin-up-girls-09

Gil Elvgren Photo


uFunk: les pin-up classiques et les filles modeles

Express UK: Pin-up Queens – The real women behind Gil Elvgren cheesecake paintings