~its at the tip of you tongue~



  • DIMENSIONS: 8.8″ X 4.2″ X 3.5″ OR 22,6 CM X 10,8 CM X 10,9 CM

From the Milan-based, DDL–De Pas. The Tongue Hook piece was originally created in 1996 and has been crafted from resin for the Italian Collection. Easy to install with the included mounting hardware, the Tongue Hook will create a focal point anywhere in your home and will surely become a conversation starter.

Lip Fetish

To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached,
is not in my nature.
I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.
~Charles Dickens

A submissive’s lips are very important for serving their Mistress or Sir.

On Thursday, January 4th, noted editorial and runway makeup artist,Pat McGrath, presented a new leave-on treatment to repair, restore and replenish lips. Limited Edition.

An antioxidant, vitamin-rich, anti-aging formula which moisturizes and protects your lips from free radicals. The texture melts onto lips, hugging every curve with extreme softness and comfort.  It imparts a luxuriously lightweight, silky feel and sensuous subtle sheen.

Encapsulated in Mother’s bespoke white lacquered bullet, the alluringly addictive LIP FETISH is the captivating covert key to a killer kiss.

dievca has been using a great lip balm from the Swedish Military
(Master loves it,too)

Försvarets Hudsalva Original Military Balm works miracles on chapped lips, but, the military green packaging is a bit more masculine. Not so elegant for application at an elegant restaurant or Gala.

It was created for the Swedish Army in the 1950s as a blister balm for chafing caused by army boots.

It has tallow and peanut oil, among other things. Because it is water-free it is suitable for preventing and treating frostbite and chapped skin. It is so pure you can actually fry food with it and spread it on your sandwiches. You can use it as a ski wax or to treat leather. It tastes like vanilla.

Multi-heavy duty-all-purpose!

Sexy and Feminine, click here.

Masculine and effective, click here.




“Pop Rocks”

“Orange Crush”

Marilyn Minter:
Decades’ worth of her work is on display at The Brooklyn Museum until May 7th, in an exhibition called “Pretty/Dirty.” There you’ll find portraits she took of her mother ― a glamorous addict who embodied the paradoxes that Minter has come to represent. You’ll find videos of tongues brushing against some kind of goopy green product, commentary on consumption in all its forms. (Huffington Post)

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