Find a Penny


Photo: dievca NYC 2016

dievca was riding an elevator and she stopped to pick-up a penny before getting in. It was “heads up” (keep that in mind). One of the Ladies in the elevator who is quite wealthy stated that she couldn’t understand why dievca would bother to pick-up a penny. It expended too much energy for nothing.

dievca’s Midwestern came out…”Uh, because you never know when your Life might change and you need that penny, plus taking a moment to reach down and stretch will help my body when I am 66.”



(Photo: dievca – Pennies on 7th Ave Crosswalk NYC – all “tails down” 2016)
Something that frustrated dievca to no end…

Let dievca explain. ¬†she picks the penny (or coins) up only if they are “heads up” for good luck. If they are “tails up“, dievca will turn them over and place them for someone else to find the good luck.

Find a Penny
Pick it up
All Day Long
You’ll Have Good Luck

Modify the chant for a dime:

Find a Dime
Pick it up
10 Days Long
You’ll Have Good Luck

Whoa! What about a Dollar?


Photo: dievca’s coin jar 2016

dievca doesn’t use the money — she collects it in a jar to give to a homeless shelter/soup kitchen here in the City. It’s not a lot, but its something. And her friends are giving her the change they happen to find, too. It’s become a thing.

So there you go….now you know an odd quirk about Master’s dievca.