the rub of the green

(click photo for link to Dragonfly Symbolism)

Lululemon Swifty Tech Tee

Dragonflies, normal come out in the heat of Summer and we are not there, yet. But, dievca ran into Dragonfly Green at Lululemon. and she will use the pieces through the heat of the summer. 

dievca gets to Lululemon, once, every 6 months. This time she went with a friend who is obsessed with Lulu gear. They spent an hour + in the store.

dievca had to buy this bra, for three reasons:

Lululemon Stash and Run Brareasons:

  1. It fits her well
  2. Her Grandma on the Slovak side was infamous for stashing items in her bra. dievca will laugh every time she wears it.
  3. The color looks good on dievca.

Now, if she can get it together to add make-up. Doubt it.

make up geek color swatch

dievca’s friend was kind enough to stay an hour+ in Anthropologie, afterward, but that is for another post. They made their way to a party by NYU and gobbled up some ramen afterward (Ramen Takumi). As dievca’s friend was walking back to her car and dievca was starting to look for a cab, they spotted this in a florist’s window:

Beautiful, huh? Maybe something for dievca’s bedroom.  By the way, the peonies are out!

“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondage. You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne


“Get in good physical condition before submitting to bondgage.  You should be fit to be tied.” -Robert Byrne

A BDSM lifestyle can be quite physically challenging:

Kneeling, Stretching, Hogtied, Restraining, Restrained, Tying, Tied, Bending, Spanking, Corsets, Heels, Latex, Relevé, Lifting, Beating, Serving, Crawling, Furniture, Being, etc. Many Kinks need some form of  training to complete.  It is wise for Partners,  Dominant and Submissive alike,  to workout.

Lululemon has got you covered.

Male or Female the brand has technical clothing that is fashionable as well as functional.  dievca is a former National Competitor in two aggressive sports. She has had her fair share of injuries and workout clothing.   After a serious back injury she has made a successful return to the land of the fit and Lululemon has been a great choice. The brand has held up to sweat, tears and multiple washings.  Plus, dievca decided if she is going to “shake that ass” as Master watches — she might as well  look the best that she can.  Lululemon Fashion is flattering!

Take a look online sometime.