An older submissive…

Age and size are only numbers.
It’s the attitude you bring to clothes that make the difference.
~ Donna Karan

Photo: Man Ray Bottom

Raw Sex with Man Ray: 1929

Two aspects of Nature can be very Raw: Weather and Sex
Both are tied to the Seasons

dievca has been dealing with Weather for the past 3 days.
she would like to move her attention to Sex

Yes, Sex can be gentle and loving. It can also be harsh and demanding.
In BDSM there is always the elements of domination and submission
surround by messy, earthy, direct and indirect actions.

Man Ray captured what dievca is desiring with his work for the Seasons.

Models: Man Ray and Kiki de Montparnasse

When the Brussels-based art magazine Varits was unable to pay a printers’ bill in 1929 it was suggested that they publish an erotic edition to raise working capital; Louis Aragon approached Man Ray for some photographs to include in the volume, and was presented with a sheaf of closely cropped pornographic prints featuring a couple widely assumed to be Kiki Montparnesse and Man Ray himself. The edition was entitled simply 1929, and some 500 copies featuring four of the photos were printed. Most of them were promptly seized by French Customs, but the few copies that got through were soon on sale clandestinely in Paris at greatly inflated prices. (1929, by Benjamin Pret, Aragon and Man Ray is currently published by Alyscamps Press, Paris & London, ISBN 1897722 885).

(click here for the History of the photos via the Tate Modern 2003 article)

What dievca is feeling at this moment. Raw. Paul and Nusch Éluard. Love and War.

Les Sept poèmes d’amour en guerre, 1943


Photo: Man Ray of Nusch

Au nom du front parfait profond
Au nom des yeux que je regarde
Au de la bouche que j’embrasse
Pour aujourd’hui et pour toujours

Au nom de l’espoir entérré
Au nom des larmes dans le noir
Au nom des plaintes qui font rire
Au nom des rires qui font peur

Au nom des rires dans la rue
De la douceur qui lie nos mains
Au nom des fruits couvrant les fleurs
Sur une terre belle et bonne

Au nom des hommes en prison
Au nom des femmes déportées
Au nom de tous nos camarades
Martyrisés et massacrés
Pour n’avoir pas accepter l’ombre

Il nous faut drainer la colère
Et faire se lever le fer
Pour préserver l’image haute
Des innocents partout traqués
Et qui partout vont triompher.


On behalf of the great deep forehead
On behalf of the eyes that I look
On the mouth I kiss
Now and forever

On behalf of buried hope
On behalf of tears in the dark
On behalf of the complaints that make you laugh
On behalf of laughter scary

On behalf of laughter in the street
The sweetness that binds our hands
On behalf of fruit covering flowers
On beautiful and good soil

On behalf of the men in prison
On behalf of the women deported
On behalf of all our comrades
Martyred and massacred
For not accepting the dark

We have to drain the anger
And to lift up iron
To preserve the clear picture
Innocents hounded everywhere
And who will triumph everywhere.

Dora Maar, Paul and Nusch Eluard, Mougins, 1937

Dora Maar, Paul and Nusch Eluard, Mougins, 1937

Nusch Éluard (1906 – 1946)

Maria Benz settled in Paris after her acting career in Berlin was complete (1920’s). She met Paul Eluard on the street. He had just separated from his wife Gala, who left him for Salvador Dali. She became a muse to the Surrealist movement to which her lover belongs, she is the subject of sensual nude photographs by Man Ray and the key inspiration to Paul Eluard’s poems. The couple marries in 1934. During the 1930s, Pablo Picasso becomes a close friend of the Eluards and the painter often depicts Nusch. It is strongly rumoured that they went on a romantic affair which was approved by Paul Eluard who seemed to appreciate the concept of ménage-à-trois. Paul Eluard previously ‘lent’ his first wife, Gala to Max Ernst. Nusch Eluard with her husband became an iconic couple of the Surrealist movement but she also embodied the image of an independent, unconventional and highly erotic woman who created an art of her own.