A Toast!

Markus Lupfer Kate Embellished T-shirt $215

To dievca’s new apartment, using her mid-century modern glassware:

Holmegaard ‘Canada’ cocktail glasses by Per Lutken

Champagne Glass

Will you join her?

Feels Good!

Tony! Toni! Toné! – Feels Good (Click)

dievca is lucky enough to have a posse which closes around her when shit hits the fan.

Here’s what happened: dievca got the flu and didn’t bother to take her temperature — in fact she was a little delirious for about 4 days thinking she was running a slight fever. Wrong! After rejecting Master’s help early (she didn’t want to get Him sick), dievca didn’t realize how sick she was until the fever broke and she had swamped the bed in sweat. Buckets of it….gross really. Thank goodness she had drunk a lot of fluids.

After that — dievca decided to no longer be stupid and ask for help and meals. Master was not available, so her posse turned up in force.  Soup, rice, liquids,  being driving there and back to an event (stayed all of 30 minutes), phone calls, texts, home visits, coverage at work. A very generous bunch of friends. They are amazing.

Currently: Unproductive coughing – has given dievca a 6 pack, she’s lost a lot of weight, breathing can be hard, she sounds like a frog, when the coughs are productive – there is a lot of crap. But, dievca is no longer delirious.

Why is dievca babbling about this? she believes in giving and this is where her giving has come back to her 10-fold.

Granted this is a “closed” blog (no Facebook, no Twitter, no promotion) and only two IRL friends read it (Master and one lovely Lady) — so dievca is giving Thanks to the clouds.  But, she is a big believer in good vibes spread through the ether and though she has given Thanks to her friends, directly – she would like to add kudos online.

The outfit?

Yesterday and today, dievca ventured out to meet friends who wanted to buy her a meal and she found her new “go to” outfit that made her “Feel Good”.  she survived for two hours, each time and managed to eat some appetizers. Going to bed at 8:30 pm helps.  Looks like she is really on the mend. XO

PS – if you got this flu, dievca feels for you. she’s sending love. And no, dievca, didn’t get the flu shot this year – but she hasn’t had the flu in about 8 years…

PPS – don’t you love that Hedgehog? It’s in honor of Master!
Diversity is the Spice of Life: the Hedgehog and the Fox

To know that you’re there by my side / It feels good
To know that you’re there for me / It feels good
To know that you’ll always be around / It feels good
To know that you’ll love me for me

A smile started…

Because the sweaters made dievca think of Vile’s passion
and Arianna’s joy in sharing it. 🙂

Mango: Jacquard wool-blend sweater

Mango: Jacquard wool-blend sweater

Markus Lupfer Sequin Fish in a Bag Wool Sweater.

Markus Lupfer: “Prize Fish In a Bag” Sequin Grace Merino Wool Jumper in Light Grey