“Fortran et haec olim meminisse juvabit.”

The sense of the phrase is: Someday, we’ll look back on even this and smile.

Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament – Santa with Face Mask

Master and dievca were talking about 2020 – it’s been – well you know. Master made the point that there is an end in sight. This follows the idea that Humans can endure many things as long as there is an end in sight, it’s when there is no relief on the horizon that things are seen as hopeless.  dievca repeats – there is an end in sight. XO

Something of Use – Face Mask Bags

If you are like dievca, you have a bunch of zippered pouches lurking around the household ready to catch keys, make-up, masks, and other odds and ends.

If you find yourself sans mask bag and are looking for something a little more classy than a Ziplock bag – Etsy has a couple for you to look at:

MoonAfterYule Mask Bag $10 for one, Etsy. Click on photo to buy.

TorontoDesignsbyM Mask Bags, Etsy. $9 with personalization. Click on photo to purchase.

dievca would love to buy a set but she can’t justify adding to the chaos in her small apartment…
so she is using a pouch from her stash:

Anya Hindmarch Ghost Blueberry Shearling Zip Pouch

It’s easy to find by feel in her backpack. XO

Adding Sparkle to Halloween

Judith Leiber Hematite Pill Box $695 (click photo to buy)

Traditional Trick or Treating may be put on hold for this year, but there are other options available:

  • Outdoor haunted forests
  • Outdoor Halloween Movie Venues
  • Costume Parades
  • Offering prepared “pick up” goodie bags
  • Watching for the Full Moon!
  • Decorating your home or yourself for the Holiday

Hamlet is confronted by the skeleton whose skull – Benjamin Schwartz

If you aren’t going to wear a full-blown costume, Judith Leiber can set the tone for your ornate Halloween pleasure with her skull pillbox or you can channel Hamlet holding it in your hand~ “Poor Yorick”  dievca will be keeping it simple using her Judith Leiber Crystal Mask:

Dreaming of a different Mask

stream of consciousness via a mask

The stream of consciousness is the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind.

dievca ran into this mask at Net-A-Porter – the description offered:

Maison Michel’s ‘Lou’ mask is one the chicest choices you could make for a masquerade ball on New Year’s Eve – shop our edit of gowns for something special to go with it. Made with the same love, care and attention to detail as the label’s cult hats, it’s cut from soft black velvet decorated with crystals which shimmer like diamonds. It ties at the back with satin ribbon, so you can easily adjust the fit or grip it into place with an updo.

When they spoke about a Masquerade that triggered dievca’s memory of her favorite song from Phantom of the Opera:

That video reminded dievca that she bought leather masks for Master and herself on Etsy.

Now dievca just needs to dream up a scenario to use the masks during a D/s play moment and Master will take it from there.

Do you have any suggestions to continue the flow? XO

A hint of Mystery~masks

Bijoux Indiscrets Vinyl Masks – webpage

Creative Director Fatima Robinson and dancers wearing Bijoux Indiscrets Kristine vinyl mask before their performance with @abelxo at The Oscars

Creative Director Fatima Robinson and dancers wearing Bijoux Indiscrets Kristine vinyl mask before their performance with @abelxo at The Oscars

dievca didn’t see the Oscars,
but she finds it very interesting that this dance group
was kitted out in a BDSM manner….
What did she miss?


Virtue has a veil, vice a mask.
~Victor Hugo

you would like to be exotic for your Sir
and hint at a wish for vice behind a mask.

Perhaps, your Sir will dance with you
and see your eyes glow behind that elegant sparkle.



Hair Accessories, Fascinators, crowns and Masks.
Handmade in USA

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Photos: dievca @ Chelsea Market