AQUA: (shop your closet)

  • balance of play and work
  • balance of giving and receiving
  • release of guilt
  • frees the ability to receive without pretense
  • rejuvenation
  • will and thoughts – the reason why we do what we do
  • best color when you need Rest and Relaxation

Michael Kors Aqua Cotton Sweater and Poplin Anorak

Rag & Bone sheer t-shirt

Faliero Sarti Pills Scarf

Rag & Bone Jeans

Adidas Falcon Clemin Navy

Dagne Dover 365 Dakota Medium Neoprene Backpack Storm

Melissa Joy Manning Earrings

Sherry Lowe 14K Square Link Bracelet

Handmade 18K Opal Slice Ring

Jack Vartanian Gold Chain Ring

Aesa 3D Hex Ring 10k Aqua

dievca needed a functional outfit that could bounce back and forth between hot and cold temperature-wise. she shopped her closet for the Micheal Kors Sweater and Anorak and then got on a tear with the other aqua gear. Yes, it was a lot of color.  But dievca stood out and received many compliments with the unexpected, non-NYC, color scheme. (Note: she had her Rag & Bone jeans hemmed, no ripped hems…).

Feeling a little BDSM with Michael Kors – 6 pieces

Micheal Kors Harness Gown NM Last Call Micheal Kors Harness Gown Back NM Last Call Micheal Kors Padlock Stud Earrings Micheal Kors Bonded Plonge Leather Grommet Skirt NM Last Call Micheal Kors Bonded Plonge Leather Grommet Skirt Back NM Last Call Michael Kors Barrel Buckle Ring Micheal Kors Animal Printed Jersey Choker Style Gown NM Last Call Micheal Kors Animal Printed Jersey Choker Style Gown Back NM Last Call Michael Kors Statement Pave Collar

Michael Kors + Leather = Diversity

“I know what women look good in. I don’t think the rules ever change.”
Michael Kors

Sticker Shock~

Michael Kors: Cashmere and Fur Outfit

Michael Kors Mink Turtleneck Cashmere Sweater and Pants Outfit 2014Wide-Waist Cashmere Sweatpants
Turtleneck Mink Fur Pullover
Chunky Ribbed Cashmere Turtleneck
$15, 185.00

Time for dievca to utilize her
“The Look for Less” Skills.

Actually, its beige.
Master doesn’t like beige.
Decision Made.

Swim Goddess with a hint of BDSM – Michael Kors

Swimsuit body comparison

Soooo — different times, different desires. Huh?

How does dievca look in her swimsuits? Voluptuous — like the second Lady, by far. Who would she prefer to look like? — the first Lady, of course.

Now, Master would be appalled to hear this. He loves that His dievca is a Woman. He thinks that dievca should change the name of the blog to “žena”.

Master knows that dievca is in decent shape and loves that He won’t break her while playing. dievca will always be training through an injury that will affect her life until the end of time. she expects to be athletic and curvy in any swimsuit she chooses to wear.


Dilemma: dievca needs a new swimsuit.

Solution: Michael Kors

Chain straps, leather belts, shibari back, tied up fronts…

Flattering for curves — solidly made — hints of BDSM.


Some other brands that dievca can recommend to offer solutions for curves are: Gottex, Carmen Marc Valvo, Karla Colletto, VPL

Over done on Fashion Blogs, but it is beloved. The Thomas Crown Affair – timeless fashion

rene_russo_the_thomas_crown_affair_005 rene_russo_the_thomas_crown_affair_004 rene_russo_the_thomas_crown_affair_003 rene_russo_the_thomas_crown_affair_002 rene_russo_the_thomas_crown_affair_001Michael Kors.

He is best known for designing classic American Sportswear for women.

Some of his most beautiful work was done during his tenure at Celine 1997-2002.

The costume designer, Kate Harrington, selected pieces from the 1997 Celine collection by Michael Kors in addition to several looks from Halston for 1999’s The Thomas Crown Affair.  This collaboration happened at the suggestion from Rene Russo who has been known to wear Michael Kors on the runway and along the red carpet.

The 1999, The Thomas Crown Affair has attained something of a cult status among fashion lovers for the styling of Russo’s character, Catherine Banning.

dievca rewatched the film, looked through the screen shots and determined every piece is wearable today.  No a one has dated itself.

In fact, Michelle Obama took her first Official Portrait (2009) in a black Michael Kors shift dress with pearls which was similar to the dinner scene and it looks classic and fantastic.

This prompts dievca to lurk on eBay for Michael Kors for Celine pieces and she scored big time with a purchase of two double faced wool stretch sheath dresses for $100. One in camel with long sleeves and one sleeveless in gray ombre.  dievca was worried because sheath dresses are very tricky item for her to wear, but the price was right if there was a disaster.

No disaster.  The dresses needed a bit of tailoring considering dievca is not a willowy 5’9″ – but the fit across the Ass (that troublesome body part.) was fantastic and flattering.

These dresses have worked into dievca’s closet like a charm; dressed up with heels, dressed down with boots. Worn with Scarves, Collars, Cuffs and Leads. The versatile dresses move from very Vanilla to elegant D/s with ease.

Thank You, Mr. Kors
You are a God.