Foggy Morning

Photograph: NYC Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Several Seconds

Looking for something to cut the fog in my head — this looks interesting:

It’s available at Cosco – has anyone tried it?
Is there a Cosco in Manhattan?
I have no clue, its foggy, 5 am and I need that chaser~

Good Morning!

I prefer to start my day with Coffee,

but here is something for the Littles after their coffee:

And on that note:

Fill me up!

Good Morning, Welcome Home!

Morning Buzzkill

Something that just killed the morning…
the lid popped off,
I tried to save it,
it all spilled when I stopped.

 Photos: dievca, NYC 2017

Good Morning! Ready to dig in for the Season?

Let’s have that first cup before the chaos known as December begins~

Do you want that bun toasted?

A little 💛 goes a long way on a rainy day!

Good Morning!