Master is helping his daughter move…

He’s Grumpy!
After the move Master is taking on IKEA bookshelf build detail:

dievca is just so entertained with the thought.
IKEA was a “Defining Moment” in Master and dievca’s Relationship.
(When dievca and Master survived an IKEA piece)

Keys turned in!

The light shines on the City as dievca finally finishes moving.
Mimosa? Anyone?

Photo: dievca NYC 01/2018

Yeah, right, after I finish moving the shoes.

Fact: dievca owns a lot of shoes
Fact: dievca has a hard time getting rid of shoes
Hairbrained Idea: dievca should start a shoe museum

If you need a size 37-38 and have a special event….give dievca a call.