The 300-page diary and personal planner for 2018 is packed with stunning photos alongside daily training schedules and tables to record goals, achievements and results. It benefits the One Year Fund, which raises money for footwear, clothing and equipment for underfunded young athletes.

London photographer and founder of the project Dominika Cuda, a former Biathlete, added: ‘We reach out to the best and brightest, help them stay on their chosen path and motivate them in achieving their goals.’

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Master always asks dievca what her New Year’s Resolutions are….she could follow-up with what most people offer:

  1. Exercise more (38 percent)
  2. Lose weight (33 percent)
  3. Eat more healthily (32 percent)
  4. Take a more active approach to health (15 percent)
  5. Learn new skill or hobby (15 percent)
  6. Spend more time on personal wellbeing (12 percent)
  7. Spend more time with family and friends (12 percent)
  8. Drink less alcohol (12 percent)
  9. Stop smoking (9 percent)
  10. Other (1 percent)

ComRes BUPA – New Year’s Resolutions Public Polling Stats

dievca never makes resolutions.  She believes in making small changes throughout the year.

But what if one of her small changes is that she makes a resolution?
How could she pull it off successfully?

The biggest thing about making a resolution is that people state their resolution, but they do not think about developing the process to achieve the resolution.
So, they fail before they even begin.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it specific?
  • Can it be measured?
  • Is it achievable or attainable?
  • Is it realistic?
  • Is it exciting?
  • Is your goal recorded?

Then be aware:

  • Monitor and re-evaluate – setting a goal is a start, not the end.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Develop goal achievement strategies, make the plan.
  • Don’t set too many goals.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve it.

OK, following the first set of suggestions:

dievca is setting the goals of losing body fat and becoming more flexible.  Both goals are specific, can be measured, are achievable and realistic. The final product will be exciting and the baby steps, too!  dievca is using the “ink it, don’t think it” method – right now, on the blog.

dievca has been eating well and keeping her back injury under control for a year.

She will move into more specific movement activities including swimming 1-2 times a week, stretching daily, working out with a trainer – once a week, add a trigger point class and cardio/lift – once a week. The general goal for the week is 4 cardio activities and 3 strength activities, plus stretching.

Though dievca is eating well, the eating amount needs to drop. dievca will work on eating 1/2 of  her serving, waiting for a period of time and deciding if she is still hungry.  she will continue to try to eat green daily. she suspects her trouble is portion control. If that doesn’t work, she will food journal and try to spot other difficulties.

dievca will be adding plant-based estrogen to her regimen.  she is peri-menopausal and the drop in estrogen can affect her stretching capabilities. 

motivated dievca


So, there is dievca’s first New Year’s Eve resolution ever.

Wish her luck!



edward-steichen-catherine-deneuve-vanity-fairAs I knelt at your feet, you asked if I had any resolutions or insights for the New Year.  I didn’t.

2016 – the Year of the Monkey started so poorly, everyone dying all around us (famous and not so famous), economic strife, political turmoil, family challenges.  That said, there were wonderful moments — but they tended to be in other countries with other people. We just kept grinding through the strife – illness, injury, disappointment – glued together by responsibility.

That is Life.
That is why we create connections – to make a team that is stronger than the individual.

I think we both learned something in 2016.
We are connected and better together than apart.

As I lay my head in your lap to breathe deep, I stated that I just want to “be” in 2017.
No commitments, no expectations, no resentment.
Take the World and our Lives as is~

Then I looked up into your eyes and said “Master, I offer you my Lips…”

Starting the New Year clear.hand-hold

Photos: Top, Edward Steichen Catherine Deneuve Vanity Fair Bottom, unknown

For the New Year

Dom and sub

  1. Master, dievca vows to serve, honor, and obey You.
  2. dievca will be as graceful a submissive as she can.
  3. Please let her know where improvements can be made and please know that she will do her best to anticipate Your needs.
  4. dievca knows that she is not a ‘perfect’ submissive, there is no such thing. she will strive to serve You honestly and passionately.
  5. dievca is proud of who she is and she is proud to be owned by You.  dievca submits with pleasure and happiness, stemming from her deep-seated need to submit to You.