A Happy Cup of Joe

PlayfulCeramics cup a boob $55 Etsy
on Etsy offers a happy cup of Joe.

May your Cup runneth over!
PlayfulCeramics Rainbow Mug $80

Cup a Boob – $55 per cup

Rainbow Mug – $80 – large mug beautifully made.

Each vessel is a beacon of healing on its own. All foods and drinks enjoyed from these pieces will be even more healing and even more delicious for you and everyone on this day and everyday. Spirit animals embody the strengths of their character and emit that energy, inspiring and uplifting all those who connect with it. Each piece is also a blessing amplifier. Simply write down any intention, prayer or dream and place inside or underneath to charge your intentions with the loving healing power of Reiki.

Ways to stay warm~

Coffee and a Sweater.

A little Nip in the Morning

Topless Mug Urban Outfitters Sale $9.00 (click photo)

An engaging way to start your day if you love breasts!


Bucking the Law: Nipple Pasties and Tassels (lingerie)

What are nipple pasties?
An ornate covering for the nipple.  Invented in the 1920s so that burlesque stars and cabaret shows could get away with having their show-girls virtually naked, without breaking any indecency laws. Burlesque performer Carrie Finnell is attributed with adding tassels that hang from the center of a pastie and she incorporated tassel twirling as part of her performances.

Heavily used in Burlesque Shows, ornate nipple pasties have had a bit of a resurgence with celebs wearing them out in public and on social media. Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj to name a couple. “Everyday” pasties have been helping people keep their nipples from peaking out of dresses and tops for more staid events.

Get started by picking a nipple tassel or pastie that is comfortable and completely covers the nipple. They come in all different sizes and shapes – stars, hearts, circles, satin, leather…

The traditional Burlesque style is typically all-black nipple pasties, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, feathers, jewels to ribbons. Depending on your budget, you can get tassels from Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Agent Provocateur, make your own or buy a customized pair.

Attaching the decor
Your skin needs to be clean and dry, without any oils or moisturizer. The main concern with nipple tassels is keeping them on. Larger flat pasties will have more areas to stick to your skin, but they have more coverage. If you attach pasties with a good quality tape, you won’t have to worry. Some pasties already come with a disposable tape that will stick well. If you want to reuse your tassels, consider buying bondage tape – which sticks to itself or the Drag Queen choice of toupee tape.

Give them a twirl
dievca wore a pair of nipple tassels for Master and He knew enough to teach dievca how to twirl.  When she asked about His learning of the skill, Master mumbled something about occasionally hanging out in bars which had strippers wandering about~ The idea of Master hanging out in a seedy bar just made dievca laugh.


”more than a handful is a waste” ~ Coffee Cup


      Placed on a simple saucer and covered by a plain bowl, the naturalistic nipple causes instant surprise! The sensuous detail can be taken as a hint for the bowl’s designation: to be filled with milk – and blended with some coffee, if you like! Of course, A-Cup may be used for cereal, soup or the like as well …


      Design: Anna Maschmann
      Material: glazed porcelain,
      details: bisque ware
      Bowl: Ø 5,5/12 cm, 8 cm high, ca. 300 ml
      Saucer: Ø 16 cm

dievca found the nipple plates on Auction at Housing Works (click here)

or the set can be found the German Amazon, for shipment to Europe, here.

Originally sold from Pension für Produkte

she would really like to buy them for some lesbian friends.

Glitter Mini-Clothespins


Not as beautiful as the Betony Vernon Nipple Clamps in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold.
But, perhaps more useful because your Sir/Madame can have more available.
And use them in more interesting places.

Etsy or DIY


The Pleasure and the Pain: Betony Vernon Nipple Clamps, A Thing of Beauty

20_dievca was appalled with the visual effects of red plastic clothespins on her body, even though they felt fantastic.

Full-size wood clothespins were not much more appealing.

A livable solution was achieved when she found mini clothespins covered in silver glitter.

But, the most elegant solution was offered by Betony Vernon.

Sterling Silver or 18K Gold Nipple Clamps.


Master instructed you to go braless? Wear Lanvin.

Lanvin Striped Silk Dress

If Master commands you to go braless, consider LANVIN’s striped silk dress.  The antique-rose, crimson and pale green  coloring will make the transition from Summer to Autumn easy. Sumptuous silk will slide across your nipples with exquisite delicacy. As you walk, your nipples will harden to Master’s delight and you will be ready for Master’s touch. Choose brown or nude accessories to keep it casual. A chunky gold collar and multiple thin gold bangles will finish the look and jingle softly like slave bells. As day turns to night consider adding a cropped jeans jacket or light trench to cover up.  Ohh La La!