Norma Kamali for the Future

The days are getting LONGER! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Something in the color of hope might speak to the New Year:

Norma Kamali Shawl Collar Bonded Coat Lilac 2Norma Kamali Shawl Collar Bonded Coat LilacNorma Kamali Shawl Collar Bonded Coat Lilac 3Norma Kamali Shawl Collar Bonded Coat Lilac 4
Generous fit
Slight bell sleeve
Oversized shawl collar
Curved hem
Shawl collar can be wrapped as a hood
4-way stretch Velvet.
Composition: 92% polyester 8% spandex

For the long life of this easy care style, please follow the directions: cold water wash, cool dry line dry, do not dry clean.

Ships Feb. 6th, 2022

After seeing this fabric and color, dievca’s Camo Shawl Collared Coat might not make the cut anymore….

What do you think?

norma_kamali_camo jacket

State of Grace: Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali grace-dress-reversible-darkgrey5447_grandeNorma Kamali Grace Dress Black

state of grace
phrase of state
 1. a condition of being free from sin.
Granted the Pope was in town…but a State of Grace?
Hmm– not achievable for many of us.  
Maybe we can just buy the dress.

Norma Kamali
Fabric: TERRY
Fabric Care: 96% cotton, 4% spandex. Dry clean.

Stopping by Norma Kamali on 56th

20150624_183039_resized - Copydievca has spoken about Norma Kamali in the past (click link for post). she really enjoys stopping by the 56th Street store to see what is cooking.  A couple of weeks ago, dievca received an e-mail about a swimsuit sale and thought she should stop by and check out  the  sale, then wander the rest of the store.  A friend joined her in this endeavour and  it ended up being chaos.  People everywhere, downstairs, trying on suits and you weren’t allowed to go upstairs to view the collections.

A bust!
(not really)

Norma Kamali women's sunglass fringed bandeau bikini

Click for fabric close-up.

Norma Kamali women's sunglass fringed bandeau top and bottom

Bandeau Top

dievca was able to snag a navy blue fringe bandeau swim top for $50 off the rack — originally part of the couture line, it sold for $750. Listed as a size large — dievca’s friend is a costume designer and said she can cut it down easily. Bingo!

20150624_183313_resizedOn the way out, dievca saw and tried on a pair of eyeglass frames for her next pair at $98. Plus, the first floor did offer some looks and hints at what was upstairs.20150624_183246_resized

As always, Norma was in the store – gracious and kind as ever. Happy to see customers.
20150624_183015_resized - Copy

20150624_183006_resized - Copy

20150624_183100_resized - Copy



20150624_183052_resized - Copy

Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake, Shake…

Norma Kamali -FringeShorts-Black

Norma Kamali Fringe Shorts Black

dievca is feeling a NEED…
for these shimmy shake shorts!

SONG: ♥ Beatles Live Hamburg Germany- Shimmy Shake

Even a Goddess needs a lift~

Norma Kamali Everlast Wedgewood Blue One Shoulder Dress (220x338)

Is there a Goddess in the house?

dievca owns this dress. she has never worn it because she would have to use a strapless bra or go braless. Did dievca explain that she has an 1950’s hourglass figure? Boobs and an Ass? Strapless bras are not the most comfortable bras, nor are they very supportive.  dievca does have a couple of dresses where she goes braless : Lanvin Strapless Dress and Rag & Bone Bequia Print Maxi worn as a dress, but she prefers to give her bust a little help.

Back to this Norma Kamali / Everlast Wedgewood Blue Dress…

There are not a great deal of one shouldered bras on the marketplace. You can buy one of the “convertible” bras and set it to one shoulder – but again, the lift is minimal.  The rest seems to be one shouldered “bra tops” for Helmut Lang, Free People or athletic brands. dievca needs a more “hidden” and serious offering:


dMondaine One Shoulder Reversible Contouring Bra 

The AVA is a contouring reversible, multi-angle one shoulder bra without a underwire that provides cleavage. It features breathable performance fabric and accentuates each and every curve.

Fabric: Nylon/Spandex
Care: Hand wash.
Made in USA.

dMondaine one shouldered-Ava-nude dMondaine one shouldered-Ava-nude back
This dievca goddess will be purchasing a little lift for the Summer, so that she can present in the blue dress to Master. she thinks He will like it. 🙂

****OK, dievca just looked at this post and realized that the bra strap is on the model’s left shoulder and the dress has the strap on the left shoulder. Great, right? So, what happens if you have a dress where the one shoulder is on the right side? Back to square one — no bra? NOPE!  Get this…the bra is reversible! OK, it is now worth every penny.

Restrained In Norma Kamali


A Unique, Clean, Sleek Design.
Something Modern for a dievca looking to offer diversity to her Master.