And they WON!

(Click on Photos for a larger view of the OT goal.)

dievca was the lucky recipient of a last-minute offer to see the NY Rangers play Game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s always a treat to catch live hockey, but the game was tight and the energy in MSG (Madison Square Garden) was ROCKING!

The Rangers will be facing the Carolina Hurricanes, next. They are a good team – we will see.

Fingers crossed.🤞

Photos: dievca NYC 05/2022

Diner Coffee

Having a little Sunday Breakfast before the noon NY Rangers Ice Hockey game,
dievca witnessed Philadelphia Flyers fans and Rangers fans being cordial.
Must have needed some coffee before getting fired up for the game.

Flyers won, 5-3

What to wear when you are not a Ranger’s Fan.


MSG after a Ranger’s Game Getty Images

dievca is a Hockey Fan.
Her team is the Chicago Blackhawks.
But, she is taking Master to a NY Rangers game as a part of His Christmas present.
dievca doesn’t have any Ranger’s gear…
What to wear?

Yes, dievca is going braless for her Master.
Yes, dievca does have on Master’s Sterling Silver Collar
Yes, dievca hopes that Master will be inspired after He watches her eat a hotdog.
Yes, dievca does hope that the Rangers win.