“I like lots of things. But there are three things I like most. Love, love and love.” — Anita Ekberg

Anita Ekberg strapless-corset-anita-ekberg redAnita Ekberg BustierAnita Ekberg StockingsAnita Ekberg primpingAnita Ekberg CouchAnita Ekberg SwimAnita Ekberg lingerie dress sheerAnita Ekberg lingerie black sheerAnita Ekberg lingerie blackAnita Ekberg lingerie masturbationanita-ekberg-devilAnita-Ekberg-UNSIGNED-photo-K9042-SEXY

I’m very much bigger than I was, so what? It’s not really fatness, it’s development.

Anita Ekberg

Dancing Lingerie with Ginger Rogers

“I enjoy having a fabulous amount of nice lingerie.”
~Ginger Rogers

dievca’s favorite quote from Ginger Rogers:

There’s a verse in the Bible:
‘Those who are barren have more children than those who give birth.’
There are young people all over the world who come to me for advice and love.
I have all the children I can handle.

The final photo is a custom Corset/Garter Belt from Ginger Rogers which sold on 1st Dibs.

Channeling Dorothy Shaw in Alice & Olivia

Jane Russell Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Jane Russell: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Dorothy Shaw:
“I like a man who can run faster than I can.”

alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_1 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_2 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_5 alice_and_olivia_CARAGENVNECKFITTEDGOWNWITHSLIT_blacknude_6Alice & Olivia


•Deep v-neck
•Zips at back
•Fitted throughout
•Seam at waist
•Features front slit
•Black lace with nude lining
•Floor length