87F (30.6C) in April … whew!

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There wasn’t much of a Winter in New York City, now Spring seems to be hijacked by Summer temperatures. It’s a bit crazy – Master broke out the fan! 

They say that the temperature will drop to a high of 67 F (19C) today, so dievca’s plans to wear a light cotton dress to a birthday dinner will have to be revamped…
Here’s what she was planning to wear:

Now she’s moving on to something else:

Simple in the City

After a few years of taking care of aging parents, COVID and body changes – dievca lost interest in Fashion or even a closet revamp.  she’s been coming out of her shell and leaning towards a more practical closet.  Things seem to be coming together because she feels like she can reach in to the closet and find something to wear.  That’s the point, right?

(click on the item to see a larger image and the brand)

Celebration of a Friend’s Life – an Outfit

Roll over the photos for item descriptions.
Something simple worn to brunch celebrating the Life of a close friend.
It was a lovely day in NYC.

48F (9C) + rain on a beach + Memorial = what to wear?

Photo: dievca NYC 05/30/2021

And now you know dievca’s BIG question this morning….
What crap weather for the start of Summer.
Practical is kicking in:

Unexpected Summer Look via a Swimsuit

dievca was meeting a friend for coffee and a macaron…she had seen the blurbs about wearing a one piece swimsuit as a top and thought she might give it a whirl.

she put on her Tori Praver one-piece Honolua smocked Swimsuit:

and realized the coverage alongside the breasts was….slim. Too lazy to take the suit off, dievca added her VPL Two scoopneck B tank top:

she then tucked the tank into high-waisted tan wideleg pants from H&M:

Finishing the look with:

Converse Raffia weave Rebel

Tom Ford Francesca

Starbucks Rodarte Tote

Not bad for an “on-the-fly” outfit, maybe not for dinner with Master – but cute for the beach and then lunch. The best part? dievca was able to shop her closet!

A Wedding and a 60th Surprise Party

Remember when dievca told you that she was off her game with planning outfits?  After her panic, she’s be trying to get it together – especially with Master coming home.

There were two events left.  dievca still had to dress up and felt like the situations warranted Master’s opinion. So, she sent him an e-mail with photo options and took His advice to heart.  The only problem was one dress that Master chose (Etro, multi-colored silk) – still hadn’t been found….so dievca slid in another option.  BTW – that dress? dievca finally found it in the last place she could look after the Party…. Sigh.

Wedding in the Vineyards of Long Island:

Raoul of Singapore “Breeze” cotton-blend Dress with:

Valentino Nude Heels, Swarovski  Crystal minaudiere, SlimMe Shaping slip, Chloe Sunglasses, Vintage Mesh Buckle Bracelet, Green Drop Earrings

The dress worked well, especially since it went from a Catholic Mass to dressy evening with no convenience of changing. dievca felt great in it. (she thinks her curves work better with the dress, rather than the model in the photo…)

The Surprise Birthday Party was held at a chic bar in Brooklyn Heights. dievca was tired from work and couldn’t find the dress Master suggested — so she went breezy and casual:

Sundance Magritte Silk Chiffon Dress with:

Barneys nude Sandals, Liebeskind Navy leather backpack, vintage mesh buckle cuff, Giorgio Armani sunglasses

Both outfits worked and will be in the mix for other activities this Summer. Good to know that dievca is getting it back together and mentally shifting to set-up Presentation Outfits for Master (she knows that Master will want dievca on His arm in the Raoul dress — its His favorite lady-like look). XO

Emergency Closet Rip Apart…(when your closet doesn’t fail you)

Usually dievca does it better. she hasn’t been on it.  her planning for Presentation Outfits for Master has dropped while He is away and her outfit planning for events has been non-existent…

It all started with a panic attack for the last Gala of the year.  The dress dievca wanted to wear, a multicolored silk jersey Etro,  wasn’t found (and she still hasn’t found the damn dress….not happy).

After an irritated meltdown moment and two Alice + Olivia dresses being banished to the resale bag — dievca came up with an alternative of a Lanvin Silk Dress (Ete 2006) and black Charles Jourdan Heels, dressed down with brass accents:

Next panic attack — forgotten dinner for a High School Graduate. Fastest way to get there after work is on a bike, weather was “iffy”. Hot during the day and cooling off at night.

dievca’s Humanoid silk Ellen dress (2013) came to the rescue with the same brass jewelry (Hey, it was already together, in a bag, and easy to grab). J Crew Navy blue ribbed cashmere sweater for the cool restaurant, Barneys Sandals and Liebeskind Navy Leather Backpack for the ride…whew!

Two events down — two to go!
A wedding and a 60th Surprise Birthday Party.
dievca will be back with the plans for those two events.

Just incase you wanted to know what the underpinings looked like:
Black Cosabella Soire set for the Lanvin Dress
Navy Wolford Linea set with slip for the Humanoid Dress

An 80’s sweater drives the plan for Farmer’s Market

It’s been grey, than sunny, cool then warm…layers were the call for the day.
To counteract the dreary weather, the plan started with a POP of color from a vintage I.MAGNIN aqua cashmere sweater.

The pickings at the 79th Street Greenmarket were either left overs from autumn (apples) or early Spring offerings. dievca picked up a Foodie’s Favorite:

she had never heard of the coveted Spring Onion, but she can tell you that the smell and taste of them is divine. Something dievca will be sharing with Master, asap.

A little about Ramps from http://www.wildwestvirginiaramps.com:

Allium tricoccum (commonly known as ramps or wild leeks) is an early spring vegetable, a perennial wild onion with a strong garlic-like odor and a pronounced onion flavor. Wild Ramps are found across eastern North America, from the U.S. state of South Carolina to Canada. They are popular in the cuisines of the rural uplands of the American South, and also in the Canadian province of Quebec.

Both the white lower leaf stalks and the broad green leaves are edible.

In Canada, ramps are considered rare delicacies. Since the growth of Wild Ramps is not as widespread as in Appalachia and because of destructive human practices, ramps are a threatened species in Quebec. Allium tricoccum is a protected species under Quebec legislation. A person may have Wild Ramps in his or her possession outside the plant’s natural environment, or may harvest it for the purposes of personal consumption in an annual quantity not exceeding 200 grams of any of its parts or a maximum of 50 bulbs or 50 plants, provided those activities do not take place in a park within the meaning of the National Parks Act.

The Étoile Isabel Marant coat helps….

…with getting through the Season.
 3 Outfits from dievca’s Holiday Dinner / Drinks Circuit.
How are you surviving the season?

Look #1 Work-related Party in a home

Look #2 Work-related Party in a bar

Look #3 Ugly Christmas Sweater Work Party
(dievca refused to buy or wear an ugly sweater…here’s her solution)