Words of Wisdom: Elderly Parents on Aging.

So, a total knee replacement is in dievca’s future. But, the chipped knee cap and the floating bone piece, and the osteoarthritis behind the kneecap are the culprits for the current swelling and ligament strains.  Physical Therapy, 1st.  If that’s not enough, removal of bone chip 2nd.  dievca is looking to get into a study for cartilage replacement – maybe? Then knee replacement 4th?

As dievca’s Mom said, “It’s hell to get old.”‘

dievca’s Dad said, “Just keep moving!”


Where do you fall?


Graphic from sleepjunkie.com

Research shows we are actually genetically predisposed to be either a morning or an evening person. According to chronobiology (the study of time in living things), cells in everything from plants to people work on their own internal ‘clock’.

So, when you had a Father who woke up at 4 am every morning for years after driving the boys to hockey practice and a Mother who stayed up reading or doing chores until 1 am and would still prefer that schedule, where does a dievca fall on that genetic predisposition?  Note: One brother is up at 4 am, the other is up until 2 am…

This question is lurking in dievca’s mind as she tries to get better quality sleep during her perimenopause phase…

Well~ work dictates and this Summer is asking for 6 am starts~

dievca will follow her Dad’s guidance and be an Early Bird – at least until she catches her second wind at 10 pm one night throw the best laid plans into Night Owl mode.

Midwestern Strength…

Midwestern strength.
Eastern European tenacity.
The desire to work hard for the people you love.


My Parents, perhaps – like anyone’s Parents, have been a pain-in-the-ass. They have been a support system, they have been crotchety and stubborn, they have been….growing older and kicking / screaming the whole way.

Watching them hold each other up with age, after past years of challenges and successes, failures and re-boots — they have preserved.

And when I saw them grab for each other’s hand, I saw the love they have –
– which spilled on to me.

Lucky, I am, I know.

And honored to witness such beauty.

I share it with you because the more love you share – the more you get back.

(My Dad broke his neck– it stayed completely in-line…very lucky, Warfarin bleed out-staved off.  He walked and took care of business, this morning. Simple pleasures. He’s busy worrying about my Mom and griping about the collar. Typical. All under control, to the best of our abilities. As my Mom says, “It’s hell to get old.” and we laugh. XO)

May you find someone to hold hands with when you need it the most. ~dievča

Photo: dievca - Midwest 2016

My Father’s Hands

Baby and Older Persons Hands
I have my Father’s hands.
Wide palms, long straight fingers, healthy nails, veins popping out, strong and gentle.

One of the most beautiful things I have seen is his hand holding the hand of my newest Grand Niece and she just didn’t want to let him go.

I don’t want to let him go.
In his mid 80’s, my Daddy is still picking up the 2-year-old. Playing with the 4-year-old. Following (slowly) the 3-year-old. All this, as my Mother is playing up and the down the stairs with the others, she’s making up games, dropping clothespins into a milk bottle, filling up water balloons, reading stories: “One Was Johnny” – “Chicken Soup With Rice”. Stories that were read to me, from the same Nutshell Library.

They are bushwhacked when the kids go~
Dead tired.
I watch them sleep.

And they won’t give it up because these things are the best part of Life.
I don’t blame them.

Life is for Living.
And Kids keep us alive by holding our hands.

I have my Father’s hands.

Photo: Todor Atanasov - Protection http://www.freephotosbank.com/12414.html