It all adds up~

RONALD VAN DER KEMP Leather Pencil Skirts Patent SS2016

Red  √
Shiny √
Leather √
Pencil Skirt √

= Sexy √

There’s no way dievca can go wrong with her new purchase, right?

All Zipped Up!

Alexander Wang Fitted Zip Pencil Skirt 2 alexander-wang-cult-fitted-zip-pencil-skirt-cult-product-2-085696979-normal_large_flex

alexander-wang-cult-fitted-zip-pencil-skirt-cult-product-1-085696964-normal_large_flexSomething for a submissive who is feeling her oats from winter…IT’S WARM TODAY!

Alexander Wang

Fitted Zip Pencil Skirt

An exposed front zipper gives this bold Alexander Wang pencil skirt a modern finish. Slit front hem. Unlined.

Fabric: Slinky mid-weight jersey.
86% viscose/13% nylon/1% spandex.
Dry clean.
Imported, China.


Wiggle it, just a little bit!

Daniel James Black Latex Skirt

Daniel James Black Latex Skirt

The classic definition of a Wiggle Skirt (Dress): A dress whose hem is narrower than the hips, this narrowness keeps your legs close together at the knees causing the wearer to walk in short strides with legs close together which produces a sway or a wiggle of the hips.

Marilyn Monroe - Some Like It Hot Walk

Master loves when dievca presents in a very feminine way. He’s also partial to her curves. Now, she lost a little bit of weight while Master was sick, but her curves can still wiggle! And wiggle she did, channeling a burlesque 1950’s look in her Daniel James full zipper long black LATEX pencil skirt.

It was ALL about that LATEX skirt.
(And dievca’s wiggle…. she did a lot of walking.)

Now, we all know about dievca’s troubles with latex, but the full zipper helped with putting on the skirt. The thick latex was forgiving enough for the garter belt and dievca chose to wear the zipper in the back, so that Master could unzip to view His ASSets.
Hurrah — no Disaster.

The trickiest part of this presentation outfit was the Wolford net gloves — fingers or nails popped through the holes while putting them on. It was worth the extra time because Master loved the visual of dievca’s gloved hands against His skin.

Hmm, Gloves…something to talk about in the near future.

Here’s the rest of the outfit:

Hair down, blown out big with some flip. Smoky eye shadow and a “cat” eye with black liner, just a little blush and RED lips. The gloves and lips were a beautiful visual on Master’s Cock – or so he said. Photo Op?

Frame Denim those legs!

So? How many of us can totally ROCK this?
Yes, sexy, I am asking YOU!

Frame Denim Le Pencil Skirt in Weir $189

le pencil skirt
in Weir


Master asked for….

…a corset and an ‘easy access’ skirt.
No stockings, no panties.

Oh, Dear.
Let dievca think for a moment.


Black Satin CorsetBlack Satin Corset
(a classic)

Black Twinkle by Wenlan Chiffon Wrap Skirt
(waist tie was too bulky with the corset)

Sears Kardashian Kollection Black Petal SkirtSears: Kardashian Kollection Black Petal Skirt
(honest to goodness)

Alaia Grommet Bootie

Alaia Grommet Booties

Gaia D’Este Black Grommet Booties
(a knock-off of the Alaia booties,I bought these before I knew they existed elsewhere…)

Black Chandelier EarringsJet Bead Black Chandelier Earrings
(looked better than small silver hoops)

(Master told dievca, she would be cuffed)

Hartman Rose Silver Leather Collar

Hartman & Rose Silver Leather Collar
(thought silver would be best)

Curly Hair Photo

Wild Curly Hair
(it was raining)


Red Lips
(MAC Brave Red)

Hartman Rose Silver Leather LeadHartman & Rose Silver Leather Lead
(to be snapped on by Master) 

Master’s return was a wild ride.
He was very pleased with dievca’s presentation efforts.



Solving a Conundrum: Lascivious Lingerie

The Conundrum

The facts: Master graduated from an Ivy League School.  They have a Club situated in the City.  Master is planning to take his dievca to dinner at the very conservative Club for Valentine’s Day.

dievca’s conundrum: Master has told dievca to dress conservatively with lascivious underpinnings. He wants to enjoy dinner with dievca as his Lady knowing that it is his right to peel away the trappings to find the strumpet underneath.  Argh!  What to wear, what to wear, what to wear….

dievca’s Solution

LASCIVIOUS mesh bodysuit

LASCIVIOUS mesh bodysuit back



Simple and Enticing

– Black sheer bodysuit
– Deep V-neck and back
– Non-wired sheer cups
– Gold sparkles on the panels
– Hipster knicker bottom
– Hook-and-eye fastening

dievca will be wearing this bodysuit with black Wolford hold-up tights, black Manolo Blahnik stilettos, black pencil skirt and a slightly sheer silk button down blouse in a red snakeskin pattern.  The blouse and bodysuit will offer only a hint of décolletage. Add Master’s Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold Collar, dievca’s hair in a French Twist, deep red lips, cat eyes and a very elegant demeanor.

dievca thinks that she solved the problem~ what do you think?

Just plain sexy. Pencil Skirts


Natalia Vodianova by Steven Meisel for Vogue US May 2009

The Great Pretender: Natalia Vodianova portrays Jean Patchett

pencil skirt is named for its shape, long and slim like a pencil.  The skirt is tailored to be close-fitting with a straight, and narrow cut. The hem can fall to the knee or just below the knee.

Worn as part of a suit or as a separate piece of clothing, the narrow shape of a pencil skirt can restrict the movement of the wearer. So pencil skirts may have a slit at the back, a slit  at the side, or a pleat which exposes less skin for movement. The classic shoes for wearing with a pencil skirt are high-heeled pumps worn with sheer nylons or tights. Back-seamed hosiery matches very well and recalls the classic pencil-skirt era of the 1950’s.

Narrow-fitting skirts have a long history in western fashion. The predecessor to the pencil skirt was the hobble skirt, a pre-WWI fad.  The Parisian fashion designer Paul Poiret is sometimes credited with the design.  A Hobble skirt is a full-length skirt with a very narrow hem that impedes walking. Hence the name, Hobble. Something you see as a BDSM fetish/fashion or Goth fashion. dievca owns a Daniel James London black Latex Hobble skirt.

Christian Dior introduced the classic modern pencil skirt in the late 1940’s, using the term H-line to describe its shape. This look was in stark contrast to his full-skirted New Look, his “A-line”.  The pencil skirt quickly became very popular, particularly as office wear. This success was due to Women’s desires for new fashions in the wake of WWII and the austere economic climate. Fabrics were expensive.

Wearing a pencil skirt feels much different than wearing a loose skirt. The wearer has to adjust their stride, posture and motions to manage it successfully. A walking stride needs to be shortened, a wearer needs to turn sideways and put their bottom into a car-seat then swing their legs into the car. When sitting the legs are held close together. Activities are very limited in a pencil skirt, think of it as a subtle form of bondage. Granted stretch fabrics can help with movement, as does a vent or a kick pleat.

Pencil Skirts flatter a variety of body types.  Do you want to show off your small waist, your hips, your ass, your legs? A well-tailored skirt can target your favorite assets and exploit them.  Plus, a Pencil Skirt is a classic piece and never goes out of style.  Excellent Economy.

Pencil marilyn-style-icon Grace Kelly Pencil Skirt

A skirt called Original-Sin……

Daniel James London Classic Collection Original-Sin

Daniel James London  
Classic Collection
Original-Sin Skirt

Short Pencil Skirt
Latex with a zipper slit.
Beautifully made
Gorgeous shine
someone is a lucky dievca because she owns one in Olive Green
Forgiving, Curve Friendly, Sexy
What’s not to like?