Personalized with Cocks

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Look Closely…


Coffee and Cock – this submissive’s Monday Morning Dream.

(show it) at the beach

Feet at the Beach

Oh they won’t let us show it at the beach no they won’t let us show it at the beach
They think we’re gonna grab it if it gets within our reach
And they won’t let us show it at the beach

But you can show it in your parlor to most anyone you choose
You can show it at a party with your second shot of booze
You can show it on the corner wearin’ overcoat and shoes
But they won’t let us show it at the beach
No they won’t let us show it at the beach friends
Ah they won’t us show it at the beach
Oh they’re sure we’re gonna grab it if it gets within our reach
So they won’t let us show it at the beach

But you can show it in the movies on the cineramic screen
You can show it in the most sophisticated magazine
You can show it while you’re bouncing on the high school trampoline
But they won’t let us show it at the beach

But if you’ve got a gun it’s legal to display it on your hip
You can show your butcher knives to any interested kid
But if it’s made for lovin’ then you’d better keep it hid
And they won’t let us show it at the beach
Shel Silverstein
Photo: dievca Fire Island 2018

Conch shell? Alf’s Nose or a …..

Sephora: Morning rituals become more exciting!

Sephora Orange Crush Make-up blender. (click photo to buy)


Review on Sephora                                                     3 d ago
these are not just for makeup
I am in love with these sponges. The color in person is beautiful and the shape makes it easier to blend concealer for me. But really…. the idea of them excites me. Can’t say I wouldn’t buy them again for multiple uses not stated in the description. I can use them on-the-go, wash and gently squeeze them, and they’re a very, very nice shape. Their shape is unique – conch shells? I would say something more suggestive. Also, I think the reviewer below me meant to say nipples, instead of ripples. Or little tiny you-know-what’s. Hehehe.

More reviews for the sponge on Sephora’s site: “Great sponge but why orange? Sephora should have gone with light and dark skin tone shades, for obvious reasons,” wrote one person. “Ummmmm, at least it’s circumcised????!!!” wrote someone else. A third person commented: “They’re cute. Ya’ll need some mind bleach, jeez,” although it’s unclear why they would suggest that.

Thanks to "the Cut" for the morning humor.

Umm, where dievca’s thoughts are with Vivienne Westwood

It all started with this clutch.

Apparently is was a gift to Rhianna from Vivienne Westwood in 2013.
It brought to mind the question, “Would I carry this clutch?”

dievca asks, “Would you carry this clutch?”
“Or wear any of these necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets, keychains, shoes, pins, etc.?”

In the end, this post did make dievca hungry for Master’s Cock.

Home of the Strange — hmmm

Hmmm — it looks like a NYC Subway Map, but that shape and color is…

Hah! a Penis!
Manhattan Island does look like a Penis!
It is different and risqué….I like it.

Artwork on Auction from Shop Housing Works NYC (click here)
Auction ends in about a week.

* Printed poster cut and inserted into CD cases

* Signed on back

* Appears to have been assembled by hand

* Edition 28/100

* Great condition

Viet Schuetz’s Subway Map Auction


Photo: Robert Mapplethorpe, Milton Moore 1981

dievca received a text by accident and it said, “Lppl”.

she texted back….no answer.

Of course she had no idea what it meant,
so she looked the acronym up and found:


A Hokkien term describing a person on which a plan or action has backfired.  The literal translation is “the testicles hitting the penis”.  The rhythm of the phrase suggests a ricocheting action, a surprising elegant touch, in such a rude phrase. (from the Coxford Singlish Dictionary with a similar definition from the Urban Dictionary)

dievca is guessing it is like SNAFU, or FUBAR

With lppl, she liked the idea of the cock rhythm visual,
but she would prefer Master watching
while she created her own rhythm with this:

Bruce LaBruce Danko Jones Legs Videostill

Have to be flexible or curl your legs around someone’s a**.

Hokkien /hɒˈkiɛn/ (from Chinese: 福建話; pinyin: Fújiànhuà; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hok-kiàn-oē) or Minnan Proper (閩南語/閩南話), is a Southern Min dialect group spoken throughout Southern part of Fujian Province in Southeastern China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and by other overseas Chinese. (Wikipedia)