Whiplash: Skid Row to a Suite

20230218_174631dievca took the Los Angeles Metro ($2.75) from the Beach to the Center of LA to catch a LA Kings Hockey Game.  The homeless clientele on the train was sketchy, which is the same in NYC, but the emptiness of the train made it a little more edgy.

Then dievca made her 1st transfer and had to go down a staircase.  Three people were blocking the middle of the stairs and a lone lady in front of dievca made a snarky comment.  dievca saw a lit crack pipe and just hustled her way down onwards to the next platform.  Being snarky to a person on drugs is a “no go” in NYC, so dievca moved to get out of range.

20230218_190100Then the trains filled up a bit more closer to LA and the walk to the Stadium was short.  The LA Kings were playing the AZ Coyotes and dievca experienced a surreal whiplash from the Metro to the very nice Suite.  It was interesting to experience LA LA land’s version of a hockey game,  Lots of lights, music, goofy “hosts” and…it was “STAR WARS” night!  A spectacle!

The 1st period was tedious with the LA Kings leading 5 to 1.  The 2nd period picked up the pace and the Coyotes made it 5-2.  The 3rd period ended on a tie. One OT and a shootout — the Kings finally won!

Grabbing a cab after the game was easy and the ride back to the beach was traffic free, The cab ride cost? $115 with tip.

(Photos: dievca Los Angeles 02/2023)

Postcard from CA

Hello from CA,

The weather has been cooler and windy this week.  But the surf has been spectacular and there is a hint of a “Superbloom” in the moist air.  

Miss you lots! XO


(photos: dievca - Redondo Beach, CA 02/2023)

Mysterious Mist – NYC

We do not have snow, but we do have interesting weather~ 

Click on the photos for more detail.

Photos: dievca Hudson River Walk NYC 12/2022

Moody Miami


The dawn broke over the ocean, gradually expanding into pale yellow.
The day opened up into the 90’sF (30’sC) due to the humidity.
dievca looks like the players in the World Cup with sweat,
but the temperature of the water is lovely.


Photos: dievca South Beach 11/2022

And they WON!

(Click on Photos for a larger view of the OT goal.)

dievca was the lucky recipient of a last-minute offer to see the NY Rangers play Game 7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s always a treat to catch live hockey, but the game was tight and the energy in MSG (Madison Square Garden) was ROCKING!

The Rangers will be facing the Carolina Hurricanes, next. They are a good team – we will see.

Fingers crossed.🤞

Photos: dievca NYC 05/2022

A really low dew point

can make a Beach Holiday that much more enjoyable.
(dievca has been incredibly lucky with the weather this weekend).

Photo: dievca South Beach FL 03/2022

A Glimpse of NYC in November

click on the photos to enlarge

The Dawn is breaking cloudy in New York.
It’s rare to see the clouds head in from the East – but they are heading towards the Hudson River.
dievca is sending you a quiet, “Good Morning”.

Joy at FIT – Chalk Murals 2021

The Chalk Murals are up and running at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology).
A piece of Joy to see on the walk home from reselling clothing.

~Click the pictures to see details~

Hunter’s Moon to Ghost Moon = Moonset

dievca shook her empty wallet at the full moon this morning…maybe she will come into $$$. 🤞

Photos: dievca - Full Hunter's Moon setting over the Hudson River 10/21/2021

Glamorous Dining returns to NYC

Le Pavillon NYC opened fully in September after a reduced schedule allowed the restaurant to be completed.

With 57-foot ceilings, cream columns, and a built-in irrigation system for the interior’s olive trees and ferns, Le Pavillon is a testament to the triumphs of architecture and landscape. Steps away from Grand Central Station – it has accessibility for ALL New Yorkers and visitors alike.

The menu offers first courses and main courses from the mer and the terre. Boasting dishes like roasted lamb chops, slow-baked ora king salmon, and buckwheat crusted sea scallops, the menu leaves customers with options that traverse flavors from pickled turmeric to smoked paprika. Conversely, the dessert menu offers dishes with strawberries, passionfruit, cherries, and chocolate. Customers can choose from four types of cheeses, including comté and coupole, Vermont goat cheese, for a traditional French dessert.

“The menu is based on the land and the sea at Le Pavillon. So, this is not a departure from whatever I’ve done in the past, but it is a progression,” Chef Daniel Boulud said. “The focus will be on local vegetables, New England Seafood” and other ingredients that change based on the season.

dievca is planning to enjoy a meal at Le Pavillon in November and her glamorous foodie friend stated that she is dressing up – Bling/ Fur and all.  Too bad dievca has to hustle over after work~  until then she will be scanning though her closet, looking at the weather report and trying to create a very spectacular, yet versatile, outfit. XO

Full description at UntappedCities.com.  “Thank You” to Thomas Schauer for photos and Bella Druckman

The annual trip – and a better Sunset/Sunrise

The Governors Isalnd annual trek is very simple – a bike ride, $3 round-trip ferry ticket and the splurge for a “Glamping” Tent. Worth every penny when your view is of this sunset and a morning walk around the island offers a mystical view of….Brooklyn!
As dievca writes this post, the cicadas are singing in her ears~

Beach Coffee – a bit dear…


Photos: dievca Coronado, CA 08/2021

CA to AZ is flat until…

The drive from San Diego to outside of Sedona is a long one. The gas prices dropped from $4 a gallon to $3.09 to $2.99.  After a long gradual incline of 4000+ feet and an uneventful ride – beauty arose:


Photos: dievca 08/2021 – travel on I8, Sedona area Sunset, Sedona area Dawn, Walking the trails.

Rooting for the home team.

How they get the rain off the Yankee’s infield is amazing.  dievca would like to see the drainage blueprints. 


OK, the home team didn’t win – but the evening was lovely. Going to a baseball game without being jostled and bumped was a novelty.  No spilled beer.

At least Aaron Judge got on base and hit a homer.  He is quite tall.


Photos: dievca June 4th, 2021 Yankees home game against Boston

Baby Got Back~

Which item of clothing shows off the A** best?

Corset BackLace AssPolka Dot Ass

  1. Corset (Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth)

  2. Lace Slip

  3. Polka Dot Dress

Eye on the City

Photos: dievca’s meandering in NYC Spring 2019


Running a bit late this morning~

dievca had a working dinner last evening in her apartment.  The number of attendees kept growing and good information was shared.

Monroe at the premiere party for the 1953 film, How to Marry a Millionaire. Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe would start filming River of No Return

And then the bubbly came out:

George Best enjoying a drink.

Let’s just say this morning was sssslllloooowwww…


Morning after the Night before~

Master beat dievca

He saw the first “Snowdrops” of the Season in the Shakespeare Garden, Central Park NYC. They saw these Snowdrops together on the High Line:

dievca spotted the Crocus’ first! On the High Line, in the rain:

The first flowers of Spring always bring a little bit of competition and a lot of Joy.

Photos: dievca- High Line NYC 03/2019

Pendu – “Post Fetish” elegance

Todd Pendu Zana Bayne “Magnum Opus” Collection SS14

dievca ran into a collection of leather goods from Todd Pendu & Zana Bayne called, “Magnum Opus” SS14.  she purchased two items: a bracelet and a necklace which she modified slightly to make it a leather collar. How? she added holes at the buckles to tighten it and removed the attached triangle piece so Master could attach His lead.

The term “Post-Fetish” was coined by Todd Pendu as “decontextualizing traditional fetish gear into aesthetic accessories to be incorporated into everyday wear”.

Originally, dievca was focused on the person in the co-collaboration whose name was on the worked leather, Zana Bayne. But, she starting looking deeper into the gorgeous work of co-Creative Director, Todd Pendu after viewing some of his photographs.

Paz de la Huerta, lensed and styled by Todd Pendu
All wardrobe from the Zana Bayne “Moonbathers Collection”.
Shot in Los Angeles, August 2016

Todd Pendu is a multi-disciplinary artist and image-maker currently living and working in NYC and Los Angeles. PENDV JOURNAL is an online platform and portfolio for his creative projects and art/photographic works. He is the founder of DEVIL’S WHOREHOUSE STUDIO. He is also co-Creative Director at ZANA BAYNE.

Email: info @ pendvjournal . com

Website: http://www.pendunyc.com/

I am a self-described ‘Duchampian Punk’ and a proponent for Libertine Culture. I work independently outside the Establishment. My art doesn’t always fit in to convenient aesthetic categories. I’m interested in personal freedom and expression. I do what I want. I create for those outside society – for those who live by their own rules – not for everyone, but for everyone else.” – Todd Pendu

Cheyenne, lensed by Todd Pendu
Shot in an apartment in Paris. March, 2017.

Todd Pendu is a multi-talented person who is able to walk the edge and create elegance. dievca would like to Thank him for allowing her to share some if his work. Please stop by His site and wander.

Buying something unfashionable the 2nd time around…

Because of this:

and this:

dievca wears this, daily:

It’s not fashionable, it’s not elegant, but it helps dievca feel safer as she is shooting through the line-up of Dump Trucks, flatbeds of Steel and general chaos on the ride to work.

dievca’s only objective it to be seen, so she avoids this:

NY Post 10/15/2016 Women’s Leg Severed After Being Crushed By A Dump Truck

dievca’s worn the backpack so much that it has become dirty and faded, so she lurked on eBay to buy another one in the same color. Success!  Sometimes your random spur-of-the moment purchases become the ones you live and avoid dying by….

NYC Photos- dievca, Dump Truck- Christopher Sadowski, Backpack- Nike Swim

We’re ok and saving a Pumpkin

Sad news about the Bike Path in NYC. dievca knows children who use that bike path in that area – but not on Halloween, Thanks Goodness, not on Halloween.

As a “Thank You” to the Halloween Holiday taking the kids away from the bike path — dievca carved one of the Bodega pumpkins with Master after work.
she will use the other for Thanksgiving decorations.

Here’s what we got:

The pumpkin was starting to rot, so the mouth was an attempt at a smirk. It also had a lot of interior ‘gunk’ that came out like spaghetti which made it glow. It’s sitting off the fire escape.
Have a SAFE evening.

Thoughts on a Monday…

Photos: dievca 01/2017 Morning shots

Stayed in NYC

Positive, promoting Women, Mix of Races, Religions, Gender and Sexuality.
May the positive wishes for Humanity move forward.
Photos: dievca 01/21/2017 NYC

Changing New York

The City is in constant motion.
It doesn’t sleep.
A look at where we have been to honor where we are now.
For 9-11.
Always – a City of hopes and dreams.

Robert Herman and Len Speier street photography from the 1960’s through the 1980’s

From Slate.com

Next, we will…

An OV-fiets bike share bike.hop on a bike at the train station, ride to get the apartment keys, get lost, stop for a fabulous dinner and continue to the ferry – slightly drunk.

Where we went to dinner in my friend’s own words:

We went to Freud. http://www.restaurantfreud.nl
It’s in the west part of town, near the Westerpark. That area is hip and trendy, there are not many tourists. You have to make reservations, it is always booked. The restaurant is about half an hour walk from Centraal Station through a very nice neighborhood.

Restaurant Freud
Spaardammerstraat 424
1013 SZ Amsterdam
T: +31 206885548

And then:


Can you do it?

It’s a 3 am wake up call to catch the plane to Crete….

Of course you can — just don’t fall off the bike.


Walk with me…

to the Rijksmuseum.

After the 7+ hour flight and the train to Centraal Station:

And the ears…

dievca and Master went to Rizzoli’s Bookstore on Broadway between 25th and 26th. It’s a gorgeous space, larger than the previous store on 57th. The storied bookstore is in a townhouse specializing in illustrated tomes, literature & European magazines. dievca was mesmerized by a large tome of Helmut Newton’s work. Absolutely Amazing.

This trip brought to mind a comparison photo for Easter:

BunnyI’m a Mouse–Duh

Transgressive German photographer Helmut Newton, established a prolific body of work in his signature voyeuristic style that changed the landscape of 20th-century fashion photography. Intimate friends with model and jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, Newton would often privately photograph her nude. However, Newton did not publish any of these nude photographs at Peretti’s request, who jokingly insisted he wait until the death of her father before they be released. In 1975, Newton did publish an image of Peretti in a play boy bunny ensemble by Halston, set against the backdrop of a gleaming New York skyline. For the March 2010 issue of Vogue, photographer Mario Testino recreated the Newton shot, swapping Elsa Peretti for Tina Fey and the ears of a bunny with Mickey Mouse-like ears.

Thank you to partnouveau.com for the comparison photos and text.

Springing along the Sidewalk

Photos: dievca NYC 9th Ave 03/23/2016