Springtime in the Central Park

The daffodils have blossomed, trees are showing leaves — the temperature is predicted to be around 70 F (21 C), Master and dievca are planning on a picnic!

Time to pull out that Hunter x Target backpack!

dievca keeps singing:

On the Go~

Do you love picnics?
Is it still warm by you?
Nice for a bike ride and a meal?
Travel wine?

Originally spotted in a Scandinavian Liquor Store while sourcing a local liquor as a gift. The first offering’s name is stellar!:

Then found in a local NYC sandwich shop (‘wichCraft):

dievca loves picnics and is intrigued by the convenience of a canned wine. But she’s leery to waste her money and taste buds on bad wine.

Has anyone given them a try?

Winemag.com / Photo by Meg Baggott

Last Picnic of Summer: Crate & Barrel

dievca bought herself a treat.
After a year of waiting – dievca was able to get a storage unit in the basement of her building.
A godsend.
she bought a picnic tote and table for sitting by the Hudson and enjoying time with Master to celebrate.
Kneeling and serving Master wine and cheese is an elegant activity.

Crate and Barrel outfitted-canvas-picnic-tote
Canvas carry-all Tote
Four place settings for four:
acrylic wine glasses,
red melamine plates,
blue check cotton napkins,
stainless steel and plastic knives, spoons and forks,
round wood cutting board,
plastic salt and pepper shakers.
The large tote holds all this with even more room for packaged foods and beverages.
Tote Bag $99.95
crate and barrell outfitted-canvas-picnic-tote Crate and Barrel outfitted-canvas-picnic-tote 2 Crate and Barrel TableInABagCharcoalS14_16x9
A classic table in a bag unfolds in grey-finished mahogany to a low profile. Easy-assembly folding table comes with a charcoal canvas carrying bag. Mahogany is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)—the “gold standard” designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate and economically viable.

And the best things?
Both items weren’t too expensive, they don’t take much room in dievca’s storage unit and that table is stable enough to be used in an interesting D/s manner.

Summer Picnic

Daisy shadows on a back

dievca drifted away dreaming of a Summer Picnic. Something delightful, involving nakedness, food and lounging. Then reality crept in…the damp or dusty ground, how to carry food and drink around the city on bikes — where to go to find some peace from the crowds. Logistics.

Some solutions:

Picnic at Ascot backpackPicnic at Ascot backpack houndstooth

The Picnic-At-Ascot Backpack would be wonderful for carrying food and drink.

The pack has a blanket, but not one that has plastic on one side and fabric on the other to cut the damp.

JJ Cole picnic-blanket- Insulated fold-up picnic blanket eBay cheap-font-b-picnic-b-font-font-b-blankets-b-font-Outdoor-muxincamp-velvet-thickening-beach Picnic Time Siesta Blanket 231536_Solera_Picnic_Blanket_Medallion_in_Turquoise_ Tuffo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket with Carrying Case pendleton-roll-up-blanket-xl with backing Camco-Picnic-Blanket Amazon

The Blankets come from a variety of brands: Solera, Tuffo, Pendleton, Camco, Etc.

If you search Picnic At Ascot on Google — the backpacks run from $70 – $140.
If you search picnic blanket waterproof on Google — the blankets run from $15 – $65.

And somewhere to go around the City?

dievca and Master rode down the Hudson River Greenway to Nelson A. Rockefeller Park
Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Bike Map

Some other suggestions:

Time Out NY: Best Picnic Spots in NYC

Not quite the naked debauchery that dievca dreamed of for the day, but still a gorgeous debauchery.