Pink Collar (cosplay)

In the United States, a pinkcollar worker performs jobs in the service industry. Bluecollar workers are people who do skilled or unskilled manual labor, and white-collar workers typically do professional, managerial, or administrative work in an office environment.

The pinkcollar term was coined during the Second World War, when women occupied jobs as secretaries, typists, and transcribers. But as the U.S. economy evolved, pink-collar jobs became defined as those that were traditionally dominated by women.


Some pink-collar jobs that are traditionally held by women include:
flight attendant, nurse, secretary, librarian … and so on.


Flight AttendentLet see if dievca can make Master comfortable as He takes to the bright blue skies.
Service with a wink and a smile.
Perhaps, she and Master can take an opportunity to see what enjoyment can be had in a small bathroom as they fly “a mile high”.

Flight Attendent PanAm Costume Amazon


Gil Evgren NursePlaying Nurse to Master’s Doctor or Patient would be fun and might bring some humor to the challenging time He just went through.
Or so dievca would hope…

Nurse Costume


secretary20pinup8dndievca could type up Master’s diction for the projects He is working on.
Perhaps be “on call” as His secretary.
Chained to His desk to be used as needed.


Librarian Peekdievca, the Research Librarian, is available for Master’s use.
Can she find Him any pertinent information about His interests?
Let’s see if she can search the bookcases for that elegant book of Erotic Poetry.
(John Donne, ee cummings, William Carlos Williams, Catullus, Walt Whitman)
Librarian Sexy

So, completely politically incorrect…
…but a lot of fun from the D/s and CosPlay standpoint.


dievca is taking the BDSM, lighthearted,  CosPlay view of these jobs.  she completely understands there are societal issues about pay, behavior, dressing that have been instilled since the 1920’s and are affecting Women’s rights and growth currently. But, as an accent to BDSM play — the career stereotypes make for interesting scenes and presentation opportunities.  Please forgive dievca if you do take offense – she means this post in good fun.