Inside the Polaroid-dominated tome, Bertoglio gives a rare glimpse of candid moments with some of the period’s biggest names juxtaposed with stills of the nameless faces of the period’s nitty-gritty. This was a time of underground raves and when a prevalence of drugs created a frightening sense of community among struggling artists.

This was also the time when the country was introduced to some of those artists by the phrase:

Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!,”

Let the raw memories begin:

Polaroids Mama’s Bed, New York, 1984.Polaroids Kate, New York, 1977. Polaroids Ramona, New York, 1977. Polaroids Modern Sunglasses, New York, 1977. Polaroids Louise and Debi, New York, 1983. Polaroids Soapy Maripol, New York, 1979. Polaroids Dominique and Nina, New York, 1976. Polaroids Blouson de Cuir, New York, 1979 Polaroids Sandy and Sandro, New York, 1983. Polaroids Red Shoes, New York, 1979. Polaroids Boy and Dominique, New York, 1979. Polaroids Girls Next Door, New York, 1981. Polaroids Andy’s Big Shot, New York, 1978. Polaroids Trash Bag Bikini, New York, 1985. Polaroids Smoking Grace, New York, 1986. Polaroids Hedy, New York, 1978. Polaroids Debbie Outside a Bar, New York, 1979. Polaroids Lovey and Chica, New York, 1981

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